Utahns say the most important long term issues for the state are education and job development.

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LDS Church voices support for non-discrimination and religious liberty legislation. Utahns rank education and job development as most important factors for Utah's future. House committee holds campaign finance limit bill.

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Our "Political Insiders" and readers don't think there's much of a chance that the legislature will pass a proposed 1% hike in the personal income tax rate to give more money to schools....
The 114th Congress got down to work last week. Our "Political Insiders" think Sen. Orrin Hatch in his role as Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee is poised to get the most done this...


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Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Mormon leaders wisely back LGBT protection law

Rolly: Civics test might challenge Utah lawmakers; bug sweep in the House

Bill requiring citizenship test for Utah students approved by committee

County reaffirms support for ‘Healthy Utah’

Utah lawmaker: All school board elections should be partisan

In major move, Mormon leaders call for statewide LGBT protections

With LDS announcement, is anti-discrimination bill now a slam-dunk?

Lawmakers use Swallow scandal to stall campaign-donation caps

We all can be more civil on LGBT issues, Mormon leader says

Deseret News

Mike Lee: Tax reform shouldn't penalize single-worker families

Richard Davis: Obama, Congress must negotiate to make higher education more affordable

Michael and Jenet Erickson: Utah businesses need religious freedom bill

Jay Evensen: Will Obama visit Utah? Do we care?

Editorial: Encouraging dialogue taking place concerning corporate tax rate

Lawmakers take first look at public education budget bill

Senate committee passes bill to beef up liquor law enforcement

Bill seeks to improve civic engagement among students

House committee holds bill setting limits on campaign contributions

Index indicates Utah economy thriving

LDS statement could move Utah nondiscrimination, religious freedom debate forward

LDS leaders reemphasize protection of religious freedoms, support for LGBT nondiscrimination laws

Business community supports tax increases for schools, roads

Bill would increase incentives for early high school graduation


Op-ed: Efforts to gut County my Vote about politics, power (Standard-Examiner)

Clinton lawmaker photobombs rally against his firing squad bill (Standard-Examiner)

Anti-death penalty protest takes aim at Ray's firing squad bill (Standard-Examiner)

Today At Utah Policy

Today At Utah Policy

Utahns say the most important long term issues for the state are education and job development.
Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker is in good position in his bid for a third term.
Rep. Patrice Arent joins managing editor Bryan Schott to talk about air quality legislation, improving the legislative process and why she frequently answers emails at 3 in the morning during the...
Snacks and marshmallow peeps. Rep. Patrice Arent faces a food-themed edition of the Utah Policy.com lightning round.

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Being successful in politics takes a lot of talent and smarts. But that’s not enough. 
For years Utah has spent less per pupil than any other state in the country and our class sizes are larger.  


Utah Governor Gary Herbert speaks with Managing Editor Bryan Schott in our latest podcast.
Utah lawmakers are considering raising the gas tax, but that may or may not be a tax hike.


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"Today [January 20] was the first day you could file a tax return. If you filed a tax return today, congratulations, nerd. People who file their taxes on the first day are the grown-up version of the kids who ask the teacher for extra homework in school." –Jimmy Kimmel  Political Humor

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