Jackie Biskupski may already be gearing up for a 2015 run at Salt Lake City Mayor.

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Utah again asks for more time to appeal a federal ruling requiring the state to recognize same-sex marriages. Romney would be 2016 GOP frontrunner. Biskupski appears to be getting ready to run for Salt Lake City Mayor.

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President Obama says he's "not done" when it comes to using the Antiquities Act to set aside federal land for protection. Many people think that means he's going to create a new national monument in...
Some GOP lawmakers are quietly discussing a possible tax hike to pay for transportation needs. Our "Political Insiders" and readers think that could be a distinct possibility.


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Today At Utah Policy

article thumbnailThe Utah Legislature wins the 2014 Online Democracy Award at the National Conference of State Legislatures' 2014 Legislative Summit in Minneapolis. 
Jackie Biskupski may already be gearing up for a 2015 run at Salt Lake City Mayor.
Same sex-marriage proponents aren’t doing a very good job of changing the hearts and minds of Utahns.
article thumbnailThe New York Times says the PCMR/Talisker dispute has erupted into a "full-on civic crisis" for the Utah resort town.

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Understanding the opinions and attitudes of citizens is important in formulating good public policy in Utah.
Rep. Steve Handy Question: What do prime beef and prime real estate have in common?  


John Valentine is leaving the Senate and President Obama is probably going to name a new national monument in Utah.Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott discuss the week in Utah politics.
Should you trust this week's poll showing Doug Owens only 9 points behind Mia Love? Also, Mark Shurtleff apparently doesn't understand how the internet works.Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott discuss the...


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"During a fundraiser. . . . President Obama suggested that one or more Supreme Court justices may retire soon. Which got awkward when Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, 'You can have this gavel when you pry it out of my even colder, deader fingers.'" –Jimmy Fallon  Political Humor

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