When President Obama arrives in Utah Thursday, it means he avoids the very small list of presidents who never made a visit to the Beehive State. Only Calvin Coolidge, Chester A. Arthur, and Grover Cleveland never came to Utah while in office. 

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Here's the top news for your Wednesday morning - no fooling! Obama to stay overnight in Utah. How much do lawmakers have to move to find a deal on Medicaid expansion? Herbert signs criminal justice reform into law.

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Sen Jim Dabakis is hinting he might jump into the race for Salt Lake City Mayor against incumbent Ralph Becker. Our "Political Insider" panel has mixed feelings about whether he would have a chance...
Utah lawmakers left the Hill at the end of the 2015 session without a plan for expanding Medicaid. Gov. Gary Herbert has set a deadline of July 31 to make a deal.


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Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Obama finally pays Utah a visit

Police reform: How much does Utah need?

Japan’s ambassador seeks to beef up trade with Utah

Despite what you think, studies say Utah drivers, congestion aren’t all that bad

‘I don’t want my daughter to see the struggles I went through’: Ogden program seeks to end Utah’s cycle of poverty

BYU poll finds big support for Healthy Utah, but House plan? Not so much

Google backs out of Mike Lee fundraiser because of probe

Acquitted Utah developer will get access to some documents from investigation of Shurtleff, Swallow

Sentences for some drug crimes reduced under newly signed Utah law

Deseret News

Jay Evensen: Obama's visit to Utah — what happened to all the protesters?

Editorial: House's passing of Medicare reform is evidence of bipartisan approach to responsible government

Utah, others, tackle ‘aging out’ of foster care with initiatives to support education, life goals

Ranchers, agencies teaming up to help small bird, other species

Utah consumer confidence at high level, report says

State School Board awaits waiver from No Child Left Behind

Utah educators skeptical of civics test requirement

State unveils plans to 'measurably reduce' rates of intergenerational poverty among Utah children

Obama expected to stay overnight in Utah for HAFB visit


Some vets say renaming portion of I-15 not such a big deal (Standard-Examiner)

Seat belts, helmets and cell phones scrutinized in new traffic safety report (Standard-Examiner)

Cache County Council discusses new sales tax option for road, transportation funding (Logan Herald Journal)

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When President Obama arrives in Utah Thursday, it means he avoids the very small list of presidents who never made a visit to the Beehive State. Only Calvin Coolidge, Chester A. Arthur, and Grover...
Gov. Gary Herbert vetoed five bills on Wednesday, the final day he has to act on legislation passed in the recently-completed 2015 Legislature.
Devin Bayer, associate manager for Salt Lake City for Google Fiber, talks about what it's going to take for Google to bring their high-speed internet to Utah's Capitol City.
Even though President Obama is coming to Utah this week, don't expect many chances to see him in the flesh.
While no doubt all six members of the “super Medicaid committee” organized by GOP Gov. Gary Herbert hope a compromise can be worked out over Healthy Utah and Utah Cares – the two competing...
So, Sen. Jim Dabakis is making noise about running for Salt Lake City Mayor and says he will make his decision this week.

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40 percent of our college students are forced to take remedial math in college.  It has been that way for two...
There’s an old axiom that anyone who really understands an issue, or who was personally involved in a news event, will be disappointed in the news media coverage of the issue or event. That’s not...


Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes talks about what did and didn't happen during the 2015 Utah Legislature.


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