A new UtahPolicy.com poll shows that most Utahns don't want to move the prison. 

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Report dings the Secret Service. Legislative panel gives the thumbs down to Healthy Utah. Herbert nominates Himonas to the Utah Supreme Court.

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Gov. Gary Herbert has revealed his Healthy Utah alternative to Medicaid expansion. Now Utah lawmakers get their crack at the plan.
Last week the Utah Republican Party filed a lawsuit against SB 54, the compromise between lawmakers and organizers of the "Count My Vote" initiative, seeking to undo the legislation.


Today At Utah Policy

Today At Utah Policy

article thumbnailNational Review's Andrew C. McCarthy vigorously defends the efforts of Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to draw attention to the unconstitutionality of Obama's amnesty plan.
What was the top news story in Utah politics in the last year? Vote now!
Here’s the question: Does a legislative body have a moral obligation to keep a promise the members made to the voters who elected them?
article thumbnailRep. Jason Chaffetz joins the small minority of Republicans offering tentative support for Pres. Obama's decision to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba.

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article thumbnailThe Wasatch Front has one of the best public transit backbones in the country
Editor’s note: Overstock.com chairman Jonathan Johnson delivered the following speech at the Salvation Army’s Annual Silver Bells Gala held in the rotunda of the Utah State Capitol on Dec. 4.  He was...


A new UtahPolicy.com poll shows that most Utahns don't want to move the prison. 
Lawmakers are looking to relocate the prison from Draper in order to turn the land it now sits on into a high-tech corridor.   The effort to find a new home for the prison is our #8 Utah political...


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"President Obama went to the hospital because of a sore throat, but it turned out to be acid reflux. Some say it was an overreaction, but then Obama said, 'Uh, did YOU have to spend the last few months hugging Ebola people? Call me when that happens and we’ll see if I over-reacted.'" –Jimmy...

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