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Monday, January 13, 2014

Local News Highlights: Daily Briefing

What You Need to Know About Utah Politics Today - January 13, 2014

"Count My Vote" raises big bucks. Swallow uses campaign money to pay legal fees. Feds will recognize Utah same-sex marriages.


Today's Utah news highlights:
  • Backers of the "Count My Vote" citizen's initiative raised more than $800,000 last year, which is more than any other political cause or candidate in 2013 [Tribune].
  • Former Attorney General John Swallow used more than $230,000 of campaign money to pay off legal fees [Tribune].
  • An in-depth look at Jason Powers who is at the center of some allegations in the Swallow investigation [Tribune].
  • Attorney General Sean Reyes shakes up his leadership team [Tribune].
  • The federal government will recognize those same-sex marriages that took place in Utah prior to the Supreme Court stay [Tribune].
  • Same-sex marriage proponents rally at the Capitol asking Gov. Gary Herbert to not appeal the decision that struck down Amendment 3 [Tribune].
  • The LDS Church calls for civility in the debate over same-sex marriage [Deseret News].
  • Don Gale says the LDS Church needs to change their approach to the same-sex marriage debate [Tribune].
  • Sen. Mike Lee calls for more bipartisanship in Washington [Tribune].
  • A report to the Salt Lake City Council finds Youth City programs don't reach too many kids on the west-side of the city [Tribune].
  • House Speaker Becky Lockhart discusses the upcoming legislative session [Utah Policy].
  • Frank Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb chew over whether the state should move the prison [Deseret News].
  • Rep. Jim Dunnigan is proposing legislation to raise the speed limit to 80 mph on more Utah freeways [Tribune].
  • Lawmakers will consider limits on how people can use public voter information after a list of registered voters popped up online this week [Tribune].
  • The Holladay City Council will vote on a proposed non-discrimination measure based on sexual orientation next month [Tribune].
  • More bad water news for Utah as the state's reservoirs are at just 35% of capacity [Standard-Examiner].
On this day in history:
  • President George Washington approved a measure adding two stars and two stripes to the American flag after Vermont and Kentucky joined the Union in 1794.
  • American songwriter Stephen Foster passed away in 1864.
  • Novelist James Joyce died in 1941.
  • Robert C. Weaver, the first black Cabinet member, was named Secretary of Housing and Urban Development by President Lyndon Johnson in 1966.
  • Former Vice President Hubert Humphrey died at the age of 66 in 1978.
  • Douglas Wilder of Virginia became the nation's first elected black governor in 1990.

Today At Utah Policy

Speaker Becky Lockhart Plays the "Lightning Round" (Video)
60 seconds to answer as many questions as she can. Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart faces the "Lightning Round" with Managing Editor Bryan Schott....

Speaker Becky Lockhart on John Swallow, Amendment 3 and Classic Rock (Video)
House Speaker Becky Lockhart says the Amendment 3 court battle will cast a long shadow over the 2014 session, but so will the John Swallow scandal....

Bob Bernick's Notebook: Same-Sex Marriage in Utah...It's About Time
I spent the recent holidays in London, and it was interesting to see good old Utah making national and international headlines over same-sex marriage.I returned to find that several of my gay and lesbian friends actually got married.In Utah?!...

Featured Items

Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Amendment 3 'On Hold'
Recognition of those same-sex marriages performed in Utah before the Supreme Court issued a stay in the Amendment 3 case are "on hold" while the appeals process moves forward. We asked our Political Insiders and readers if that was the proper course of action, or whether Gov...

WaPo Endorses Hatch Free-Trade Bill
The Washington Post endorses a bipartisan proposal unveiled Thursday by Sen. Orrin Hatch that would give Pres. Obama more authority to negotiate expanded free trade agreements with Europe and the Pacific Rim....

GOED Approves Funds to Support Environmental Empowerment & Education Campaign
Taking a step toward reaching Utah's air quality goals, the GOED board approved a $500,000 Economic Opportunity Grant as seed capital to facilitate and implement an air quality campaign....

Specialty Retailer Elevates Outdoor Products in Utah
Cabela's, along with theGovernor's Office of Economic Development, announced plans to operate a highly sophisticated distribution center in Tooele County to process freight and deliver products to consumers....

Medical Manufacturer Makes Meaningful Economic Impact
Varian Medical Systems, along with theGovernor's Office of Economic Development, announced that Varian is expanding its existing Salt Lake City operation, a move that Varian estimates will lead to the creation of 1,000 new full-time jobs over the coming 15 years....

Utah Republican Party Hires New Executive Director
The Utah Republican Party began the 2014 election cycle by hiring Julian Babbitt as its new Executive Director....

Local Headlines

Deseret News

Op-ed: Same-sex marriage decisions and 3 attacks on religious freedom

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Is tearing down the prison and relocating worth the cost?

Editorial: On gay marriage, Utah must protect its laws and democratic processes

New Utah attorney general shakes up leadership team

Utah working to process 24,000 applications for health care

Utah tourism industry poised to hit $1B in tax revenue

Utah lawmakers want to change the way your voter information is sold

Salt Lake Chamber hears from legislative leaders on gas tax, air quality

North Dakota oil rush fuels new chances for Utahns

Compromise, solutions sought in energy and public lands debate

Crude reality: North Dakota oil boom has Utah envying its surplus green

Political tension a constant companion to Utah's oil and gas fields

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Count My Vote will leave Utah elections to power brokers

John Swallow paid $235k in legal fees from campaign

Utah Lt. Gov: New math text is 'game changer'

80-mph speed zones could spread to freeways statewide

Utah Sen. Mike Lee reaches across aisle with prison reform bill

A look at campaign aide who helped elect Swallow, Hatch, Lee


Lawmaker looking to protect voter information (Daily Herald)

Women underrepresented in Utah politics (Daily Herald)

Forms of government: What's best for Orem, Provo? (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Resolve open-carry gun problem (Standard-Examiner)

Political opponents of Utah same-sex marriage report receiving death threats (Standard-Examiner)

Record corporate refunds hit Box Elder hard (Standard-Examiner)

Layton lawmaker: state should ease fingerprint rules for school districts (Standard-Examiner)

County Council member Robinson, Rep. Powell will seek re-election (Park Record)

National Headlines

Early 2016 states still high on Christie -- for now (NBC News)

McCain: Gates should have delayed book (USA Today)

Court weighs president's recess appointments power (Associated Press)

Mayor Gets Piece of NYC's Mind on Pizza Etiquette (Associated Press)

McAuliffe's first order of business: Ethics reform (CNN)

Lawmakers debate past, future of war on poverty (Gannett)

For the First Time, Half of Members of Congress are MillionairesDemocrats Worth more than Republicans (AllGov)

NH House considers decriminalizing marijuana (Associated Press)

Senator Warren doubts whether Fischer should be vice chairman of Fed (Haaretz)

Obama administration cutting ties with contractor (Fox News)

Economy added 74,000 jobs in weak December report (Washington Post)

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