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Thursday, January 28, 2016

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Ten Things You Need to Know Today - Thursday, January 28, 2016

Good Thursday morning from Salt Lake City. There are 338 days left in 2016.

Herbert says the state of Utah is "outstanding." It's debate night, minus Donald Trump. What do Utahns want lawmakers to do about air pollution?

The clock:

  • Four days to the 2016 Iowa Caucus - (2/1/2016)
  • 12 days to the 2016 New Hampshire Primary - (2/9/2016)
  • 42 days to the final day of the 2016 Utah Legislature - (3/10/2016)
  • 54 days to the Utah Republican and Democratic caucus meetings (3/22/2016)
  • 86 days to the Utah Republican and Democratic State Conventions (4/23/2016)
  • 152 days to the 2016 Utah primary election - (6/28/2016)
  • 285 days until the 2016 presidential election - (11/8/2016)

Thursday's top-10 headlines:

  1. It's debate night for the GOP presidential candidates minus Donald Trump [The Hill, New York Times, Time, Washington Post, Associated Press]. Trump again refused to participate in the Fox News debate during a combative interview with Bill O'Reilly [New York Times, The Hill].
  2. Rupert Murdock is urging billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to get into the presidential race against Trump [Vanity Fair].
  3. Gov. Gary Herbert delivers his annual State of the State address [2 News, Fox 13, ABC 4, Tribune, Deseret News, KUER].
  4. Here's how Herbert's speech played out in social media [Utah Policy].
  5. Utahns want lawmakers to take steps to curb air pollution, but stricter emissions standards for cars and moving oil refineries outside of urban areas are not high on the list according to a new poll [Utah Policy].
  6. A proposed bill would give Republicans the majority on two key legislative committees that are now split evenly between the majority and minority [Utah Policy, Deseret News].
  7. Sen. Todd Weiler is pushing a bill to teach gun safety in Utah's schools, but some worry it will open the door to anti-gun propaganda [Tribune, Deseret News].
  8. The Senate advances a bill allowing Utah to garnish the bank accounts of delinquent taxpayers [Tribune].
  9. Sen. Lyle Hillyard is backing a bill to crack down on speed traps by limiting how much revenue cities can generate from writing tickets [Utah Policy, Tribune].
  10. Utah Republicans will hold their presidential caucus online in March, a first for the state [2 News].

On this day in history:

  • 1782 - Congress authorized the creation of the great seal of the United States.
  • 1909 - The U.S. ended direct control over Cuba.
  • 1958 - The Lego Group received a patent for its toy building blocks.
  • 1973 - A cease-fire officially went into effect in the Vietnam War.
  • 1986 - The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 72 seconds after launch from Cape Canaveral, killing all seven crew members, including teacher Christa McAuliffe.
  • 2003 - President George W. Bush said in his State of the Union address that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had sought uranium from Africa. The claim was later disputed by former ambassador Joseph Wilson, who had been asked by the CIA to investigate.

Today At Utah Policy

How Did the State of the State Address Play on Social Media?

What was the reaction to Governor Gary Herbert's State of the State address on social media in Utah?...

Poll: What Do Utahns Want Lawmakers to Do About Air Pollution?

Utahns want lawmakers to pony up for transit passes and clean energy tax credits to help improve air quality in the state....

Legislative Republicans Looking to Disadvantage Democrats on Two Key Committees

In the heavily-Republican Utah House and Senate, the question will again be debated on whether minority Democrats’ equal footing on two committees should be removed....

Proposed Bill Aims to Crack Down on Speed Traps

Remember the good old days of the Soldier Summit speed trap on U.S. 89?Well, Sen. Lyle Hillyard does....

Weekly Survey: Who Will Win the Iowa Caucuses?

The 2016 Iowa Caucuses are Monday. Who do you think will win the Republican and Democratic contests? Vote now in our weekly survey?...

Hatch Pushes Back Against Obama's Coal Mining Ban

Sen. Orrin Hatch offers an amendment that would block the Obama administration's temporary ban on new leases for coal mining on federal land....

Briscoe: 'If We Don't Put Education at the Top of the List, There Will Be Trouble' (Video)

Utah lawmakers have another big budget surplus to play with this year. Rep. Joel Briscoe (D-Salt Lake City) says that means they should be considering another big boost in funding for public schools....

Policy News

Statement on Presidential Preference Caucus from Utah GOP Chairman James Evans
As Chairman of the Utah Republican Party, one of my main priorities is to increase citizen involvement at every level of government....

Press Release: Jonathan Johnson Unveils His K-12 Education Plan
In radio ads to be launched this week, Jonathan Johnson, Republican candidate for Utah Governor stated, “We all know providing outstanding education is vital to Utah’s future.  As good as Utah does, we need to do better. As a father of five sons who went to ...

Office of the Utah State Auditor Announces New Training Courses Designed for Elected Officials in Local Governments
The Office of the Utah State Auditor announces the latest addition to its online training and information resources to assist local governments.  The Office launched a set of online training videos specifically designed to help elected and appointed officials of local g...

Utah Farm Bureau Lists 'Issues to Watch For in 2016'
The Utah Farm Bureau has released its list of ‘Issues to Watch For in 2016’ upon returning from the national agricultural convention for the American Farm Bureau Federation and at the start of the 2016 Utah general legislative session....

Local Headlines

Salt Lake Tribune

Utah mom in hiding, fears losing kids for treating daughter with cannabis oil

Coalition of conservative groups opposes Utah collecting online sales tax

Bill advances to garnish accounts of tax delinquents

Bill seeks to eliminate sales tax on diapers, hygiene items

Tired of Mantua ‘speed trap,’ senator seeks to limit ticket revenue

Utah ranchers renounce federal control of their lands at gathering with ties to Oregon occupation

Longtime Utah Sen. Bob Bennett inducted into Hinckley Hall of Fame

Water funding bill could trickle sales tax to Lake Powell Pipeline

Idea to teach gun safety has some worried about anti-gun propaganda in Utah schools

Proposal to give all Education Fund money back to K-12 could backfire on Utah students

Mike Noel warned Utah woman arrested in Oregon standoff not to go

Officials tell UTA it neglected neighborhood bus service

UTA rewrites ordinances, lowers fines

Utah Senate committee recommends defense attorney for spot on parole board

Utah’s Guv plugs solutions for health care, increases in school funding

Bill would reinstate Utah adoption preference for couples who are not gay

Lawmakers, Utahns wary of Lake Powell Pipeline’s unknown cost

Legislature to consider overhaul of beleaguered UCAT

Poll: A quarter of electorate opposed to Mormon presidential candidate

Deseret News

Dan Liljenquist: Fixing the pharmaceutical market

Jay Evensen: When it comes to Utah lawmakers raising taxes, timing is everything

Editorial: Reducing public access to legislative processes is detrimental to public trust

Lawmakers consider using postal workers to help in disasters

Bill would give GOP majority control of two key legislative committees

State senator proposes to create gun safety program for Utah schools

Ex-Utah Sen. Bob Bennett inducted into Hinckley Institute's Hall of Fame

It's year 5 in the fight to end intergenerational poverty

Bill to divert sales tax revenue to water development advances

Red Cross honors Utah lawmaker for performing livesaving CPR on colleague

Pair of air pollution bills prompt flurry of questions

House gives early approval to spend $30M on improving classroom instruction

Utahns 'have never been stronger,' Gov. Herbert says in State of the State speech


Layton and Clearfield making plans to spend parks tax revenues (Standard-Examiner)

National Headlines

With no Trump, Cruz goes from hunter to hunted (Politico)

Fox's attacks on Trump meant to take heat off Kelly (Politico)

Trump refuses to reconsider debate in fiery Fox interview (The Hill)

Trump opens fire on Paul, Cruz, Clinton, Sanders (The Hill)

How the FBI Could Force DOJ to Prosecute Hillary Clinton (National Review)

MIA: Hollywood's Power Women for Hillary (Hollywood Reporter)

The admiral in charge of Navy intelligence has not been allowed to see military secrets for years (Washington Post)

Man killed in Oregon standoff had preached what he called a 'cowboy's stand for freedom' (Los Angeles Times)

3 more arrested at Oregon wildlife refuge; Bundy asks holdouts to go home (Chicago Tribune)

Huckabee's Adele 'Hello' parody begs for Iowa boost (CNN)

Jeb Bush bets $20 that Trump shows up to the Fox debate (Politico)


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