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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Local News Highlights: Daily Briefing

What You Need to Know About Utah Politics Today - January 9, 2014

Herbert says the state won't recognize same-sex marriages. Becker targets pollution during his State of the City Address.


  • 18 days until the start of the 2014 Legislature

  • 166 days until Utah's 2014 primary elections

  • 299 days to the 2014 midterm elections

  • 662 days to the 2015 elections

  • 726 days until the 2016 Iowa Caucuses

  • 1033 days to the 2016 presidential election

Today's Utah news highlights:

  • Gov. Gary Herbert says the state will not recognize those same-sex marriages already performed [Tribune, Deseret News].

  • The Utah ACLU is mulling a class-action lawsuit against the state for failing to recongnize those unions [ABC 4].

  • Daniel Burton says Herbert is simply following the rule of law [Publius Online].

  • A small group of conservatives gather in Orem in support of traditional marriage [Tribune].

  • Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker urges lawmakers to address air pollution problems or "get out the way" during his State of the City Address [Tribune].

  • The EPA says Utah's plan to reduce pollution is too lenient on industries [Tribune].

  • Utah business leaders lay out their priorities for the 2014 legislative session [Utah Policy].

  • Black Diamond founder Peter Metcalf is named to the Federal Reserve board [Tribune].

  • The South Jordan City Council comes out in favor of the caucus system [Tribune].

On this day in history:

  • Connecticut became the fifth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1788.

  • Mississippi became the second state to secede from the Union in 1861.

  • Richard M. Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, was born in 1913.

  • Los Angeles County opened the first public defender's office in the nation in 1914.

  • The United Nations headquarters in New York official opened in 1951.

  • The White House released a memorandum showing a link between U.S. arms sales to Iran and the release of American hostages in Lebanon in 1987.

  • The Illinois House voted 114-1 to impeach Gov. Rod Blagojevich in 2009.

Today At Utah Policy

Transportation and Taxes: Business Leaders and Legislators Talk 2014 Priorities
Utah Senate President Wayne Niederhauser says "maybe," House Speaker Becky Lockhart says no to any gas tax hikes in the 2014 Legislature....

Bryan Schott's Political BS: Sore Losers and Sore Winners on Same-Sex Marriage
Thank goodness the Supreme Court stepped in and temporarily stopped same-sex marriage in Utah....

California Lawmakers Target NSA
A group of California state lawmakers have introduced legislation designed to cripple the National Security Agency....

Salt Lake Comic Con: Pop Culture Economic Powerhouse (Video)
The first Salt Lake Comic Con was a rousing success, shattering attendance records for the first year of that type of event and drawing attendees from 33 states....

Featured Items

Business Community Releases 2014 Legislative Priorities
The Salt Lake Chamber released the business community's priorities for the upcoming General Legislative Session within the 2014 Public Policy Guide....

Weekly Survey: Same-Sex Marriage on Hold
Gov. Gary Herbert ordered state agencies to not recognize same-sex marriages already performed in Utah after the Supreme Court issued a stay in the Amendment 3 case. Do you think this is the proper course of action? Vote now in our weekly survey....

Lee, GOP Shift Focus to Fighting Poverty
Sen. Mike Lee and other Republican congressional leaders say it's time to address structural problems in American society that perpetuate poverty....

Governor's Office Gives Direction to State Agencies on Same-Sex Marriages
The Governor's Chief of Staff Derek Miller sent the following email to Cabinet Members last night providing direction on the status of same-sex marriages in Utah....

Two Major Leaders Join GOED Economic Development Board
TheGovernor's Office of Economic Developmentis pleased to announce the addition of Margaret Lasecke-Jacobs and Josh Romney to the Economic Development Board....

Local Headlines

Deseret News

Op-ed: The dismantling of America

Dan Liljenquist: Let's kick negative campaigners out of Utah politics

Editorial: U.S. can't afford to lose all it gained in Iraq, Afghanistan

State recognition of same-sex marriage 'on hold,' governor's office says

Poor air quality puts physical, economic health at risk, Salt Lake City mayor says

New warrants released in Shurtleff, Swallow investigation

Utah grappling with legal status of married same-sex couples

Board approves state air quality plan; critics say it doesn't go far enough

Traditional marriage advocates rally over lunch in Orem to make voices heard

Salt Lake Tribune

Utah air plan too soft on industry, EPA says

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker targets dirty air problem

Ogden mayor pledges to stick to two wheels for daily commute

John Swallow's shadow surfaces at Jeremy Johnson hearing

Utah's action on gay marriages 'puts my kids in jeopardy'

Hosts admit Swallow fundraiser cost more than reported

UTA offers data on how much it helps clean air

Supporters of Utah's ban on gay marriage gather for rally in Orem

S. Jordan council votes to support caucus system


Provo-Orem area second best performing area in the nation (Daily Herald)

Death threats for Sheriff Mack after Highland visit (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Better government in Ogden (Standard-Examiner)

D. Louise Brown: Are there lessons of tolerance to be learned from the same-sex marriage issue? (Standard-Examiner)

Top of Utah same-sex married couples reeling from Herbert's edict (Standard-Examiner)

National Headlines

Boehner: Gates entitled to his critique of 'truly ugly' Congress in new memoir (The Hill)

Republican senators look to merge fights over military pensions, jobless benefits (The Hill)

Former Obama aides push back on Gates (The Hill)

Emails tie Christie administration to bridge controversy (NBC News)

Business Lobby Seeks Major Push on Immigration (Associated Press)

Two House Dems to retire, creating a GOP opportunity (NBC News)

Obama administration to offer new rules on school discipline (Washington Times)

Obama Declares Gains in Poverty War, but Not Victory (Voice of America)

Air Force general Lt. Gen Craig Franklin out over sexual assault decisions (Politico)

Obama's latest pledge: Establishing 'Promise Zones' to attack poverty (Washington Times)

Super PAC raises $4 million in case Hillary Clinton runs (CBS News)

Obamacare TV Ad Blitz Planned During Olympics (KVOR)

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