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Monday, October 21, 2013

Local News Highlights: Daily Briefing

What You Need to Know About Utah Politics Today - October 21, 2013
Countdown: There are 16 days to the 2013 municipal elections, 100 days until the start of the 2014 Legislature, 375 days until the 2014 midterm elections and 809 days until the 2016 Iowa Caucuses.

  • Former Lt. Gov. Greg Bell is named president of the Utah Hospital Association [Tribune].
  • Monday is the last day for you to register to vote in next month's election [Tribune].
  • A number of bonds and tax increases will be on the ballot when voters head to the polls in November [Tribune].
  • Next month, Taylorsville voters will decide whether that city will join the Unified Fire Authority [Tribune].
  • Park City mayoral candidates focus on growth issues during a recent public forum [Park Record].
  • A public hearing on the "Count My Vote" initiative in Cache Valley features lots of opponents, not many supporters [Logan Herald Journal].
  • Former state representative David Irvine says "Count My Vote" would be the cure for Utah's "anti-majoritarian" political system [Tribune].
  • Wishful thinking! A Utahn starts a Facebook page touting a Hillary Clinton/Jon Huntsman ticket in 2016 [Tribune].
  • The Utah Supreme Court throws out a Weber County anti-gang ordinance [Tribune].
  • The Supreme Court decision striking down DOMA is causing confusion for same-sex couples in Utah [Park Record].
  • Utahns are still running into frustration when trying to use [KSL].
  • Does Eagle Mountain have too many advisory boards? [Daily Herald]
  • The Sutherland Institute is weighing in on a court case opposing a single father who is trying to gain custody of his son who was placed up for adoption in Utah [Tribune].
  • The father of an East High School student ends up using an attorney in order to get his daughter permission to drop an AP biology class without getting an "F" on her transcript [Tribune].
  • Utah County emergency food and shelter programs get a $122,000 federal grant [Daily Herald].

Today At Utah Policy

How To Use Twitter To Get Earned Media
According to theIt Score, one of the most important variables for winning a political race is getting journalists, reporters, and bloggers to write about you. Getting more articles about you circulating around traditional and digital media will help voters become more famili...

Columnist: Mike Lee is Better than This
The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin says Utah Senator Mike Lee has fallen in with the wrong crowd in Washington.She notes that Lee raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars during the government shutdown faceoff, but earned the scorn of voters in utah with a poll showing...

Analysis: Mormon Faith Hurt Romney in 2012, but Didn't Cost Him the Election
There's been much hand wringing about how Mitt Romney's LDS faith played during the 2012 election. One analysis suggests it did cost him votes on both sides of the aisle, but not enough to swing the election.Centre college political science professor Benjamin Knoll looked at...

Bob Bernick's Notebook: Politics on the Airwaves
A new local radio political talk show has started starring well-known conservative House member Rep. Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis, who does double duty, a new state senator and second-term chair of the Utah Democratic Party.Natalie Gochnour, who worked for three Utah governo...

Featured Items Insider Poll: Was Loaning the Feds Money to Open Utah's National Parks a Good Move?
Utah loaned money to the federal government in order to open the state's national parks during the government shutdown. Our "political insiders" and readers weigh in on whether that was a good decision.Do you think it was a good decision for Utah to loan money to the federal...

Common Core, Communism and Careers
As a taxpayer, I don't want my dollars going to public schools unless those schools are focusing on getting kids ready for jobs and the work force. Critics of the Common Core educational standards movement often complain that the standards treat students as mere objects of e...

Scared to Death: The Science Behind Who and What We Fear
Clowns. Confined spaces. Heights. Spiders. What do these things share? They are common fears. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, phobias affect approximately 10% of adults. In many cases fears and phobias lead to symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and bre...

New York Times Religion Correspondent to Speak at UVU on American Religious Diversity
Utah Valley University is pleased to host Laurie Goodstein, national religion correspondent for the New York Times, who will speak on "Religious Diversity: America's Strength and Challenge" onOct. 23 from noon to 1 UVU's Ragan Theater in the Sorensen Student Center."W...

What Happened After Congress Passed a Climate Change Law? Very Little
Congress did something unusual last year. It passed a bill that acknowledged that sea levels are rising - i.e., that climate change is happening.The measure in question, buried near the end of a 584-page transportation funding bill, also required some modest action: That the...

Bernick and Schott on Politics Episode #164 (Video)
The government shutdown is over. Jim Matheson and Mia Love are stockpiling big bucks ahead of their possible 2014 rematch. Utah has a new Lt. Governor and the state's budget is not as healthy as it has been in the past.Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott discuss the week in Utah Po...

Local Headlines

Salt Lake Tribune

Oped: 'Count My Vote' is the elixer for Utah's narrow-interest politics

Op-ed: Business is taking a lead in clearing Utah air

Op-ed: Businesses, not just people, have constitutional rights

Editorial: Another committee is not what Utah's air needs

Bonds, taxes and city consolidation are on Utahns' ballots

Retiree taking on incumbent in Council District 3

Fire district membership up for vote in Taylorsville

Former Lt. Gov. Bell to lead Utah Hospital Association

District 5 race pits advocate against organizer

Voters get a clear choice in District 7 race

Conservative Utah think tank weighs in on unwed father's adoption case

Deseret News

Editorial: A centrist populace

Op-ed: Death penalty disrespects human life

Op-ed: Our privileges are advantages for our children

John Florez: Learning good values is a conspiracy

Op-ed: Salt Lake City is an economic success for children

Editorial: Three chances for U.S. to reaffirm commitment to religious liberty

Editorial: Boomers' lack of planning complicates entitlement reform

Sen. Lee believes he'll be proven right in taking on Obamacare

MIT study: More people die from 'road' pollution than car crashes

Former Lt. Gov. Greg Bell named head of Utah Hospital Association

Senate chooses not to vote on Gov. Herbert's judicial nominee

State estimations for Obamacare insurance exchange enrollments


Top state officials receive cars at taxpayer expense (Daily Herald)

Op-ed: 'Law of the land' (Standard-Examiner)

Ex-Lt. Gov. Bell named CEO of Utah Hospital Association (Standard-Examiner)

Bill addresses expression of religion in public schools (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: Count My Vote Utah has the right idea: It's time to overturn Utah's closed caucus (Park Record)

Mayoral challengers: keep Park City Park City, don't make it urban (Park Record)

Caucus fracas: Utah 'Count My Vote' initiative hits buzzsaw in Cache Valley (Logan Herald Journal)

National Headlines

The Wall Street Journal is so wrong about Ted Cruz and Mike Lee (Daily Caller)

Budget talks complicate tax reform (The Hill)

Republicans blame each other after shutdown fiasco (USA Today)

'Best and brightest' techies drafted to fix Obamacare computer glitches (Christian Science Monitor)

Shutdown won't happen again, politicians say (Associated Press)

Jack Lew: Real test for Obamacare comes early next year (Reuters)

Bill Clinton to campaign for Virginia gubernatorial candidate McAuliffe (Reuters)

Tech Experts Tapped to Fix Health Care Website (TIME)

America, energy security and the oil ghosts of 1973 (CNBC)

Shutdown-delayed US September jobs report due Tuesday (AFP)

Euro rally could put brake on recovery (Miami Herald)

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