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Friday, November 8, 2013

Local News Highlights: Daily Briefing

What You Need to Know About Utah Politics Today - November 8, 2013
Countdown: There are 80 days until the start of the 2014 Legislature, 361 days until the 2014 midterm elections and 788 days until the 2016 Iowa Caucuses.

  • Attorney General John Swallow lashes out at the house investigation into his office, saying it's becoming a "political crusade" to justify the cost [Tribune].
  • Swallow also angrily denies allegations he deleted emails to cover up wrongdoing [Deseret News].
  • A Provo company asks a judge to quash a subpoena from House investigators as part of the John Swallow probe, claiming it's a "fishing expedition" [Deseret News].
  • Swallow's campaign coffers are growing, but the money may eventually go to pay his lawyers [Tribune].
  • A new group launches with the aim of defending Utah's caucus system against the "Count My Vote" citizen initiative [Tribune].
  • Bob Bernick says lawmakers would be smart to pass a proposal to create a "dual track" system for candidates to get on the primary ballot in Utah, but they won't [Utah Policy].
  • Sen. Orrin Hatch votes in favor of a federal bill banning workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation while Sen. Mike Lee votes no [Tribune].
  • The LDS Church reacts to a statement from Nevada Sen. Harry Reid who said the church is changing its views on gay rights [Deseret News].
  • Sen. Steve Urquhart says he will again run a bill banning discrimination based on sexual orientation [St.].
  • Sen. Lyle Hillyard says Gov. Gary Herbert is going to have to lead out on any gas tax hike if it's going to pass in 2014 [Standard-Examiner].
  • Utah lawmakers consider ways to address the cost disparity in educating inmates in state and county prisons [Standard-Examiner].
  • A new study says minority students in Utah are making big gains in reading scores [Tribune].
  • Opponents of a medical incinerator in North Salt Lake claim the company has lied about its compliance with federal regulations [Standard-Examiner].

Today At Utah Policy

Bob Bernick's Notebook: How to Avoid the 'Mack Truck' of Election Reform
There will be a bill in the 2014 Legislature, now just 80 days away, that would place into law a dual-track political party primary candidate nominating system.GOP state legislators, dominate in both the Utah House and Senate, would be smart to adopt it....

Hatch Blames Lee and Cruz for GOP Loss in Virginia (Video)
Oh, this could get fun. Sen. Orrin Hatch says Republican Ken Cuccinelli would have won the Virginia gubernatorial race if "a couple of Senators hadn't shut down the government." I'm pretty sure we all know who he means....

Glenn Beck Hammers Orrin Hatch
Glenn Beck says Orrin Hatch was involved in bringing the NSA data center to Utah, making the Beehive State a target for a tactical nuclear strike....

Chaffetz Sponsoring Bill to Change Overtime for Homeland Security Agents
Rep. Jason Chaffetz is teaming with Montana Senator Jon Tester to sponsor legislation that aims to cut down on abuses of overtime pay among Department of Homeland Security agents....

Orrin Hatch Hearts Chris Christie
Not content to wait more than 48 hours after the 2013 election, Sen. Orrin Hatch says he would like to see New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the GOP nominee in 2016....

Bryan Schott's Political BS: Calculations and Machinations on Medicaid Expansion
There are some very good reasons Gov. Gary Herbert is taking his sweet time deciding whether or not to accept federal money to expand Medicaid....

Featured Items

Bernick and Schott on Politics - Episode #167
If Utah Attorney General John Swallow is to be believed, he doesn't know how to use a computer. Also, Rep. Kraig Powell proposes a "dual track" system to get on the primary ballot. Plus lame jokes about "Thor."Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott discuss the week in Utah politics....

Casual Friday: Weekend Events & Outdoors Report
Outdoor Notes--Tribune: Hike of the week: Alexander Basin--Tribune: Solitude set to open Friday, starting Utah's ski season early--Tribune: Free entry at national parks in Utah, countrywide for Veterans Day-- For thelatest wildlife news and informationand thefishing reportvi...

Why 'Count My Vote' Will Improve the Election Process
Over thirty years in public service convinces me: public figures hold elective office for different reasons.Some are eager to provide service to their communities; others desire power and prestige.Others hold office for a mixture of those motives. ...

Weekly Survey: The Missing John Swallow Files
Legislative investigators are trying to figure out what happened to electronic files missing from Attorney General John Swallow's office. Do you believe Swallow's story that the missing files are a big coincidence, or do you think he's trying to cover something up? Vote now....

Local Headlines

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Swallow can end expensive investigation by quitting

Report card: Utah's minority students making gains in reading

Accusations fly in wake of Jordan schools bond failure

Senate passes gay-rights bill with help from Mormon lawmakers

Group defends Utah's caucus-convention system

Paul Rolly: GOP ploy backfires in Holladay vote

Swallow scolds investigators, says they're trying to justify probe's cost

Deseret News

Op-ed: It's time to change Jordan School District leadership

Dan Liljenquist: Sen. Mike Lee's actions since shutdown are encouraging

Jay Evensen: Jordan bond the victim of overreach and miscalculation

Editorial: Obamacare needs a doctor

Attorney General John Swallow angrily denies deleting emails, computer files

Critics lash out at BLM proposal for sage grouse

Utah schools improving in reading, achievement gap, new report shows

Group launches counterattack to preserve caucus and convention election system in Utah

LDS Church responds to inquiries about Harry Reid comment

Payday loan firm seeks to quash subpoena in Swallow investigation

Obamacare marriage penalty puts pressure on couples buying insurance


Opposition launches against Utah caucus initiative petition (Daily Herald)

Lawmaker: Utah gas tax hike a long shot without governor's support (Standard-Examiner)

Utah lawmakers try to close gap on inmate education costs (Standard-Examiner)

Opponents counter claims of medical waste company in North Salt Lake (Standard-Examiner)

National Headlines

Graham: Obama could 'lose his second term' (The Hill)

Obama, McCain to huddle on immigration (The Hill)

Advocates to GOP allies: Use Tea Party tactics to move immigration (The Hill)

California students score at bottom of nation in reading, math (San Jose Mercury News)

CIA paying AT&T to provide call records - NY Times (Reuters)

The 4 New Rules Of The Health Care Reform Game (Forbes)

U.S. VP Biden congratulates wrong man in Boston mayor's race (Reuters)

Official Who Oversaw Troubled Health Care Site Leaving Government (TIME)

Will Christie's moment last? (CNN)

More Instances Of Plagiarism In Rand Paul's Book (BuzzFeed)

De Blasio fears spur police unions to try intervening in stop-frisk lawsuit (New York Daily News)

Weekly jobless claims drop to 336,000, near pre-shutdown level (Los Angeles Times)

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