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Situational awareness - December 19, 2017

Good Tuesday morning from Salt Lake City.

Utahns are in favor of a ballot initiative to create an independent redistricting commission. Robert Mueller's Russia investigation could take another year. The GOP tax package heads to the House floor on Tuesday.

Tick tock:

Utahns support ballot initiative to establish independent redistricting commission

Most Utahns (57%) support the proposed ballot initiative that would create an independent redistricting commission to advise the Legislature on redrawing the political boundaries every 10 years, but 19% say they "don't know" enough about the proposal to form an opinion.

Surprisingly, even a majority of Republicans in Utah support the proposal, as do Democrats and independent voters. [Utah Policy]

Tuesday is the day for tax reform

The GOP tax overhaul package will hit the House floor on Tuesday, where it will likely pass in short order then move to the Senate. The bill has a little more tax relief for middle-income earners, but most of the benefits still go to those at the top of the income scale. [Washington Post]

55% of Americans oppose the tax package, which is a jump of 10 points since November according to a new CNN poll. Just 33% of Americans favor the plan. [CNN]

Russia investigation could last another year

President Donald Trump's legal team will meet with special counsel Robert Mueller's office this week hoping that the investigation's focus on the president will be over soon, but that's probably not going to happen. Those close to the probe say the investigation could last another year at least. [Washington Post]

President Trump is telling close friends and advisers he expects Mueller will write a letter soon clearing him in the investigation. If that does not happen, associates worry it will enrage Trump, which could lead to him trying to fire Mueller. [CNN]

Meanwhile, the Senate investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election has taken a strange turn. Investigators have asked Green Party candidate Jill Stein to turn over documents from the election. [BuzzFeed]

Sen. Orrin Hatch denies tax negotiators bought Sen. Bob Corker's vote

Sen. Orrin Hatch pushed back hard against allegations they included a "pass-through" provision in the final tax package that would benefit Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker to buy his vote. Corker got on board with the bill over the weekend, but some questioned the timing of the arrangement, dubbing it the "Corker Kickback." [Utah Policy]

Sen. Mike Lee is on board with the GOP tax overhaul bill

Not that there was much doubt, but Sen. Mike Lee says he will "proudly vote" for the GOP tax package when it comes to the Senate later this week. Lee had pushed for a greater expansion in the child tax credit and got it. Lee's decision to vote in favor of the bill virtually assures it will pass. [Utah Policy]

The Trump Doctrine

President Donald Trump unveiled his new national security strategy on Monday, reaffirming his "America First" stance. Trump slammed "failures" by previous presidents as damaging to American security.

"On top of everything else, our leaders drifted from American principles, they lost sight of America's destiny, and they lost their belief in American greatness," Trump said. "As a result, our citizens lost something as well. The people lost confidence in their government and eventually even lost confidence in their future." [New York Times].

Trump considered pulling Gorsuch's SCOTUS nomination

President Donald Trump has crowed about putting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court early in his term, but he reportedly considered rescinding that nomination because he was angry Gorsuch distanced himself from the president, and was critical of Trump's attacks on the judiciary. Aides say Trump worried Gorsuch would not be "loyal" to Trump. It's not clear how serious Trump was about kicking Gorsuch to the curb. [Washington Post]

Amtrak disaster

At least three people died, and more than 100 were injured when an Amtrak passenger train derailed in Washington State. The train was on a new route when it jumped the track on a highway overpass. [CNN]

The train was reportedly traveling 80 mph in a 30 mph zone during its inaugural trip on the new track. [Fox News]

It only took two minutes to scuttle a lifetime appointment

Remember the BYU grad who struggled to answer basic questions about legal procedure during a Senate confirmation hearing about his nomination to be a federal judge? He withdrew his nomination on Monday after being roundly mocked since the video went viral. [Utah Policy]

Another Salt Lake Olympics?

Utah officials say they would rather bid to host the Winter Olympics in 2030 instead of 2026, but they would be ready to go if needed. Waiting until 2030 would allow Salt Lake organizers to line up sponsorships after the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Games.

Other U.S. cities eyeing a Winter Olympic bid include Denver and Reno. [USA Today]

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Most Utahns support ballot initiative establishing independent redistricting commission

A healthy majority of Utahns support a citizen initiative that would replace the Legislature's partisan redrawing of U.S. House and legislative districts with a bipartisan, independent commission, a new poll finds....

Rep. Mia Love wants probe of leaks about Russia investigation

Rep. Mia Love joined two other Republican members of Congress who want to know how the press got ahold of "privileged information" leaked from a closed-door interview of Donald Trump Jr. earlier this month....

Lee says he'll vote for tax overhaul package

Put Sen. Mike Lee in the "yes" column on the GOP tax overhaul package....

Trump judicial nominee, a BYU grad, withdraws due to embarrassing video

Remember the cringe-worthy video from last week showing one of Trump's judicial nominees struggling to answer basic questions about courtroom procedure during a Senate confirmation hearing? That nominee withdrew his name from consideration on Monday....

Hatch denies 'Corker kickback' to sell him on tax overhaul

Sen. Orrin Hatch is pushing back against speculation a concession was inserted in the GOP tax overhaul plan specifically to win the support of Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker....

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Governor appoints Brody Keisel to the Sixth District Juvenile Court
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