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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Local News Highlights: Daily Briefing

What You Need to Know About Utah Politics Today - December 4, 2013
Countdown: There are 54 days until the start of the 2014 Legislature, 202 days until Utah's 2014 primary elections, 335 days until the 2014 midterm elections and 762 days until the 2016 Iowa Caucuses.

  • Acting Utah Attorney General Brian Tarbet says he is not ruling out joining the race to replace John Swallow permanently [Deseret News].
  • Hill Air Force Base will become the home for 72 of the new F-35 fighter jets [Tribune].
  • Utah fast food workers will join a nationwide protest aiming to raise the minimum wage [Tribune].
  • State Auditor John Dougall says Utah is too dependent on federal spending [Deseret News].
  • A legislative committee tasked with finding ways to improve the way the Legislature works comes up basically empty ahead of the 2014 General Session [Utah Policy].
  • Two BYU professors argue Utah caucus attendees are much more extreme than primary voters [Tribune].
  • Intermountain Healthcare says they will start offering benefits to same-sex spouses of their workers [Deseret News].
  • A federal judge is set to hear arguments in a case challenging Utah's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage [Tribune].
  • A Supreme Court decision to not take up a case involving taxing internet sales could give some legs to an effort in Utah to collect sales taxes for online sales [Deseret News].
  • It will take an act of Congress to change the official name of the Provo Reservoir Canal [Tribune].
  • Body cameras will become mandatory for police officers in the northern Utah town of Perry [Standard-Examiner].
  • Provo Mayor John Curtis weighs in on why the Provo Rec Center is not open on Sundays [Provo Buzz].
  • Cottonwood Heights contracted with a private company for snow removal this year, and residents are complaining the job hasn't been up to snuff [Fox 13].

Today At Utah Policy

Bryan Schott's Political BS: John Swallow and Lessons Not Learned
Now that John Swallow's time as Utah Attorney General has been swept into the dustbin of history, what's the lesson for us?...

Legislative Process Committee Sputters Down the Stretch
They started out with some big ideas; changes that could really reform how the Utah Legislature operates and new laws are fostered on our citizens.But the newly-formed Legislative Process Committee is ending with a whimper, not a bang....

Obama Administration Almost Used the 'Constitutional Option' to Avoid Debt Crisis
Remember during the budget fight there were rumblings the Obama Administration would use the so-called "Constitutional option" to mint a $1 trillion platinum coin to avoid having the U.S. default on its debts? Yeah, that almost happened....

Poll: Americans Have More Faith in Local Goverments
Americans only trust their local government to provide competent service, but it's still not a majority who feel that way....

American Students are Bad at Math
A new study says the U.S. is falling further behind the rest of the world in math education....

List of Candidates Hoping to Replace Swallow Small, but Expected to Grow (Updated)
One would expect that about every Republican attorney in Utah would be interested in being appointed state Attorney General.But as ofMonday afternoon, with five days left to officially register, only five people (all men) have filed to fill the office....

McConnell Says GOP Should Fight Back Against Tea Party 'Nonsense'
Sen. Mitch McConnell, himself a target of the Tea Party in 2014, is leading the fight against the hard-right wing of his own party....

Featured Items

Is Google+ Worth It? Probably Not
UtahPolicy's Jared Whitley says maybe it's time to pull the plug on Google+....

For Medicare Drug Plans, the High Cost of Doing Nothing
My Thanksgiving ritual each year consists of heaps of turkey, corn casserole and apple pie - as well as quiet time devoted to helping relatives choose Medicare prescription drug plans for the following year....

A Pass in Every Pocket: Salt Lake City and UTA Encourage Residents to Help Improve Air Quality by Signing Up for New Transit Program
Just in time for inversion season, Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and Utah Transit Authority General Manager Michael Allegra have announced a partnership offering city residents discounted passes to make riding transit more affordable....

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