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Friday, March 7, 2014

Local News Highlights: Daily Briefing

How to Sound Smart About Utah Politics - March 7, 2014

Herbert threatens to veto Lockhart's education plan if it costs too much. Payday lender crackdown sails through the legislature. Autism treatment bill one step closer to approval.


  • 6 days until the final day of the 2014 Legislature
  • 7 days until the Utah candidate filing period opens
  • 11 days until the Utah Democratic Party caucus meetings
  • 13 days until the Utah candidate filing period closes
  • 13 days until the Utah GOP caucus meetings
  • 49 days until the Utah State Republican and Democratic conventions
  • 109 days until Utah's 2014 primary elections
  • 242 days to the 2014 midterm elections
  • 605 days to the 2015 elections
  • 670 days until the 2016 Iowa Caucuses
  • 976 days to the 2016 presidential election
Today's Utah political news highlights:
  • Gov. Gary Herbert threatens to veto Speaker Becky Lockhart's education technology initiative if it costs more than $30 million [Tribune, Deseret News, Daily Herald].
  • A measure to tighten restrictions on payday lenders is headed to the Governor [Tribune].
  • Insurers would have to cover autism treatments under a bill headed to the House for debate [Tribune].
  • House Minority Leader Jennifer Seelig announces she won't run for another term [Deseret News, Tribune].
  • The House passes two bills stemming from the John Swallow scandal [Tribune, Deseret News].
  • A bill allowing state regulators to adopt air quality standards more strict than the feds dies in a Senate committee [Deseret News].
  • A House committee advances a bill exempting homeschoolers from state regulation [Tribune].
  • A Senate committee approves a bill allowing the use of cannabis oil for treating seizures [Deseret News, Standard-Examiner].
  • The Senate sends a bill banning panhandling along highways to the governor's desk [Tribune].
  • Sen. Mike Lee speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference [Tribune].
  • The Utah Senate gives thumbs up to a bill banning the use of drones for spying [Tribune].
  • February storms helped boost Utah's snowpack [Deseret News].
On this day in history:
  • Daniel Webster gave a three-hour speech endorsing the Compromise of 1850.
  • Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for the telephone in 1876.
  • Adolf Hitler ordered German troops into the Rhineland in 1936.
  • State troopers broke up a march by civil rights demonstrators in Selma, Alabama in 1965.
  • John Bolton was nominated by President George W. Bush to be U.S. ambassador to the UN in 2005.

Today At Utah Policy

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Sen. Gene Davis Calls for Utah to Accept Full Medicaid Expansion (Video)
Senate Minority Leader Gene Davis (D-Salt Lake City) is going all-in on Medicaid expansion. He has introduced legislation calling for the state to accept full expansion under the Affordable Care Act....

Mike Lee Speaks at CPAC, Quotes Emo Philips (Video)
Sen. Mike Lee took the stage at the annual Conservative Political Action Committee to talk about his vision for a "reform agenda" for conservatives....

Measure Aims to Make Utah Most 'Broadband Friendly' State in the U.S. (Video)
Sen. Howard Stephenson (R-Salt Lake City) wants Utah to make it easier for the private sector to expand the infrastructure for high-speed internet in the state....

Bryan Schott's Political BS: The Five Stages of Grief and 'Count My Vote'
I was struck by something said during floor debate on the compromise between "Count My Vote" and the legislature....

Featured Items

Bernick and Schott on Politics - Episode #179
Welcome Billy Hesterman from the Provo Daily Herald to talk about the waning days of the 2014 Legislature. We discuss the deal lawmakers made with "Count My Vote" and how legislators are going to pay for Speaker Lockhart's education initiative. Plus, we find out how Billy do...

Weekly Survey: 'Count My Vote' Compromise
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Momentum Builds for Legislature to Take Action to Improve Air Quality
Momentum continues to build in support of H.B. 388, "A Quarter for Clean Air Legislation." The bi-partisan House bill would let voters choose more mass transit to help address the state's air quality challenges....

Local Headlines

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Wasatch Front can't wait for Tier 3

Editorial: Legislature should approve transportation tax bills

Utah House panel OKs changes to voter challenges

Despite criticism, child sex abuse prevention bill moves forward

Payday loan reform bill passes Senate, goes to governor

Bill to ban highway panhandling is approved, sent for signature

NH to Utah: The first-in-the-nation primary is ours, back off

Utah's leaky tank fund needs an upgrade, lawmaker says

Senate passes bill to tweak school grading

Gov threatens to veto Lockhart's education technology initiative

Senate passes bill to ban spying by aerial drone

Bill would exempt home-schoolers from Utah curriculum standards

GOP activist wins slander judgment against party officer

Third time's a charm for autism mandate?

Chamber to provide primer on political caucuses

House approves bill to phase out wood stoves

Two Swallow-related bills overwhelmingly pass House

Utah's top House Democrat won't seek re-election

Utah's Lee: Conservatives must redefine themselves to win races

Five days left: Seizures, sleeplessness as Utah families await cannabis oil bill

Deseret News

Op-ed: History lesson: 'Taking back' federal lands

Natalie Gochnour: Who are the real heroes of election reform?

Editorial: Endangered Species Act lost sight of its mission

Utah Democrats offer full Medicaid expansion bill

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell visits WSU

Bill allowing hemp extract for seizure treatment passees to full Senate

Lawmakers pass bill to protect child prostitution victims

Senate passes bill regulating police use of drones

Senate panel approves child sex abuse prevention training in schools

February deemed a snowpack savior for northern Utah

Students trumpet support for funding music in schools

House panel approves bill affirming state sovereignty in education

House passes two campaign reform bills

Utah's uninsured speak out for health care access

Bill to allow state officials to set air pollution standards stalls in committee

Top House Democrat not seeking re-election

Gov. Herbert threatens veto of House speaker's education initiative if price tag not slashed


Senate: Lockhart education plan holding up budget talks (Daily Herald)

Op-ed: The logic for a Medicaid-based expansion (Standard-Examiner)

National Headlines

Obama hits Russia with sanctions; Boehner offers firm support (The Hill)

McConnell gets lukewarm CPAC reception (The Hill)

Study: O-Care targets know little about options (The Hill)

Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan offer conservatives a 2016 contrast at CPAC (Los Angeles Times)

Dalai Lama prays for Senate to help 'dispel misery of the world' (USA Today)

Democrats in Senate Reject Pick by Obama (New York Times)

Democrats Protest Treatment at House I.R.S. Hearing (New York Times)

Prosecutor to NY jury: Bin Laden's son-in-law wanted more harm like Sept. 11 to hit Americans (FOX News)

Jeb Bush in 2016? Barbara Bush backs away from 'no.' (Christian Science Monitor)

New SAT Is College Board's Answer To Greater Student Opportunity (Forbes)

Affordable Care Act tweaked again - and again (San Francisco Chronicle)

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