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Monday, March 9, 2015

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Local News Highlights: Daily Briefing

Ten Things You Need to Know for Monday - March 9, 2015

A majority of Utahns want lawmakers to pass Healthy Utah. Anti-bias/religious liberties legislation passes the Utah Senate. Support for the Count My Vote compromise passed last year appears to be falling.


  • Days to the final day of the 2015 Utah Legislature - 3
  • Days to the 2015 Utah municipal primary elections - 155
  • Days to the 2015 election - 239
  • Days to the 2016 Iowa Caucus (tentative) - 315
  • Days to the opening day of the 2016 Utah Legislature - 322
  • Days to the 2016 Utah presidential primary - 477
  • Days until the 2016 presidential election - 610

Monday's top-10 headlines:

  1. A new survey finds 55% of Utahns want the legislature to pass the Healthy Utah plan while just 20% favor the Utah Cares alternative [Utah Policy].
  2. The Utah House moved forward with the Utah Cares plan for Medicaid expansion on Friday despite attempts by Democrats to hijack the bill to replace it with Healthy Utah [Tribune, Deseret News].
  3. Implementing the Utah Cares plan instead of Healthy Utah would leave $2.7 billion in federal funding on the table [Utah Policy].
  4. The anti-bias/religious liberty bill clears the Senate and heads to the House [Deseret News, Tribune].
  5. LGBT groups are worried about a bill allowing government employees to refuse to marry same-sex couple [Tribune, Deseret News].
  6. A poll shows public support for the "Count My Vote" compromise is falling. The same survey also shows Utahns prefer a runoff election if no candidate wins a majority of the vote under that compromise [Utah Policy].
  7. The Utah GOP votes to hold a presidential caucus in 2016 instead of a primary. That decision is still subject to approval by delegates at their convention this summer [Deseret News].
  8. The preliminary budget numbers show lawmakers have boosted education funding, but it's short of the $500 million benchmark set by Gov. Gary Herbert [Tribune].
  9. Lawmakers are close to approving a measure requiring the legislature and Gov. Gary Herbert to sign off on relocating the prison [Tribune, Deseret News].
  10. Salt Lake City will honor the legacy of former mayor Deedee Corradini on Monday [Tribune].

On this day in history:

  • 1841 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled the African slaves who seized control of the Amistad slave ship had been illegally forced into slavery and were free under U.S. law.
  • 1862 - A battle between ironclad ships - the Union's Monitor and the Confederate's Merrimac - ended in a draw off the coast of Virginia.
  • 1933 - Congress, called into special session by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, began its 100 days of enacting New Deal legislation.
  • 2005 - Dan Rather stepped down as anchor and managing editor of "CBS Evening News" after acknowledging major flaws in a story about U.S. President George W. Bush's National Guard service.

Today At Utah Policy

55% of Utahns Want Healthy Utah, 20% Prefer House Alternative
The 2015 Legislature will mostly be remembered for the knock-down, drag-out battle over Medicaid expansion. ...

Poll: Support for Count My Vote Compromise Falls; Public Favors Runoff to Resolve Plurality Issue
As the Utah Republican Party filed suit against SB54, the dual-track party candidate nomination law, claiming it is unconstitutional, and GOP leaders have criticized the new dual-track candidate nomination process, support for SB54 has fallen, a new UtahPolicy poll shows....

'Utah Cares' Leaves $2.7 Billion in Federal Funds on the Table
For the second time in 24 hours Utah House Democrats, with the votes of a dozen Republicans, failed to get the House to consider GOP Gov. Gary Herbert’s Healthy Utah Medicaid expansion program....

Bishop Blasts Interior Budget Plan
Rep. Rob Bishopsays the Interior Department's latest budget requestfails to confrontmajor problems while creating expensive, unnecessary programs....

Hatch 'Disgusted' by Obama's Treatment of Netanyahu
Sen. Orrin Hatch says White House officials "acted like a bunch of spoiled brats" during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Washington last week....

Featured Items

Weekly Survey: Will Utah Ever Legalize Medical Marijuana?
Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Saratoga Springs, is proposing legislation to make medical marijuana legal in Utah. Our "Political Insiders" think it's not an issue of "if" but "when" that happens....

Winning the Political Game: How to Stay Visible with Voters
With municipal elections coming up this year, mayors and city council members seeking re-election need to communicate pro-actively with voters. You don't want to start your formal campaign too early, but it's never too early to communicate with voters....

Medical Device Start-Up Celebrates Important Milestone
PenBlade, a developer and manufacturer of safety scalpels, graduated from their space at BioInnovations Gateway on Wednesday, March 5th. The company has outgrown the space they have been occupying at BiG, and will be headed to Church and State for further expansion.BiG, a Ut...

Utah Educational Savings Plan Exceeds $8 Billion in Assets
The Utah Educational Savings Plan announced today it has surpassed $8 billion in assets under its management in more than 277,000 accounts, a milestone underscoring the value that investors find in Utah’s low-cost, fast-growing 529 college savings plan.UESP passed $1 b...

Report: School Breakfast Still Not Reaching Enough Children in Utah
The annual national school breakfast report released by the Food Research and Action Center finds that, on an average school day in 2013-2014, only 59,787 low-income children in Utah participated in school breakfast, a slight increase from the previous year.  ...

Know Before You Fly It
In a recent partnership, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Small UAV Coalition are raising awareness about the issues and rules surrounding the use of small unmanned aircraft systems, more commonly known as drones.Under the newly pro...

Local Headlines

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Stop dumping billions into unreliable wind power

Op-ed: Healthy Utah would be lifesaving help for good people

Op-ed: Utah can move past 'lock 'em up' prison mentality

Op-ed: Draper is still the best site for Utah Prison

Op-ed: Lake Powell pipeline bill would be a drain on Utah

Rolly: The Utah tea partyer who's all about local control, except when he isn't

Editorial: Utah should not bring back the firing squad

Compromise emerging on how to pick a prison site

E-cigarette regulation bill advances to Utah House

Utah House again rejects guv's health plan, passes its own

Bells will toll Monday to honor late Salt Lake City mayor

As gas tax compromise nears, House OKs tripling tax on clean fuels

In the search for engineers, Utah comes up short

Hatch's Obamacare-bridge plan may be a way out for high-court conservatives

The Utah Effect: Why Utah, unlike most states, is majority male

Looking north to quench the Wasatch Front's thirst

Utah lawmakers get premium state health care while debating what to give the poor

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Will legislators be able to resolve big issues this session?

Op-ed: After decades of planning and study, it's time to act on transportation funding

Drew Clark: How should government regulate the employer-employee relationship?

John Florez: Lawmakers are losing moral ground

Bill requiring full Legislature to vote on new prison site passes committee

State School Board seeks another waiver from No Child Left Behind

Panel OKs bill allowing divorcing parents online option for mandatory course

House endorses bill to tighten e-cigarette regulations

Burbank's ties to camera company 'wasn't the best decision,' spokesman says

House passes GOP's alternative health plan after contentious debate

Resolution to reduce student testing moves to Senate floor

Recovering Utahns rally for health care, drug addiction treatment

House advances bill to relax public records restrictions

Utah GOP votes to hold presidential caucus, despite plea from Mitt Romney


Eggs & Issues: 5 Utah legislative topics covered at the final 2015 series (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Alternative health care plan is no plan (Standard-Examiner)

More ninth-graders could soon play high school sports (Standard-Examiner)

Bill to increase penalties for cockfighting clears another hurdle (Standard-Examiner)

Utah House approves 'Utah Cares' plan after rejecting 'Healthy Utah' (Standard-Examiner)

Davis vote-by-mail a tougher sell second time around (Standard-Examiner)

Education rally planned for Monday at the Capitol (Standard-Examiner)

Bill would force failing schools to use contract experts (Standard-Examiner)

Sequestration budget cuts could be back soon (Standard-Examiner)

Cache legislators discuss looming Utah health care decision (Logan Herald Journal)

Bill would maintain Utah's allure for filmmakers (Park Record)

National Headlines

Hillary in Nixon's shadow (Politico)

The Iowa Ag Summit: 10 takeaways (Politico)

Jeb Bush in Iowa (Politico)

Issa: Clinton could face criminal charges (The Hill)

Gowdy: Months of Clinton emails missing (The Hill)

ATF again under Republican fire (The Hill)

American democracy is doomed (Vox)

Sen. Lindsey Graham Admits He's Never Sent an Email (TIME)

New mayoral runoff poll shows a week of campaigning did little to move the needle (Sun-Times)

Clergy and others call for overhaul of Ferguson leadership (Post-Dispatch)

Greek warning: With no rescue funds, 'there could be problems' (Los Angeles Times)


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