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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Local News Highlights: Daily Briefing

How to Sound Smart about Utah Politics - April 15, 2014

Happy (?) tax day. No veto override session this year. Love rakes in the campaign cash.


  • 10 days until the Utah State Republican and Democratic conventions
  • 70 days until Utah's 2014 primary elections
  • 202 days to the 2014 midterm elections
  • 286 days to the start of the 2015 Utah Legislature
  • 566 days to the 2015 elections
  • 631 days until the 2016 Iowa Caucuses
  • 937 days to the 2016 presidential election
Today's Utah political news highlights:
  • There aren't enough votes for lawmakers to try and override any of Gov. Herbert's vetoes from the 2014 session [Utah Policy, Deseret News, Tribune].
  • Mia Love pulls in big fundraising numbers in the race for Utah's 4th District [Utah Policy, Tribune, Deseret News].
  • Congratulations to the Salt Lake Tribune's Pat Bagley who was named a finalist for a 2014 Pulitzer Prize [Tribune].
  • Former Rep. Holly Richardson is left wondering what happened after her bid to return to the Hill was crushed at last Saturday's Utah County convention [Utah Policy].
  • Same-sex couples who got married in Utah following the decision to strike down Amendment 3 are waiting for a decision from a Denver appeals court that could affect their tax filing status [Tribune].
  • Lawyers for a man accused of plotting a mass shooting at the City Creek Center shopping mall say a proposed plea deal was yanked because of political pressure from police [Deseret News].
  • Gun lobbyist Clark Aposhian is mulling taking a plea deal in a case wherein he is accused of domestic violence [Tribune].
  • The Sugar House fireworks show gets a new lease on life after the owner of Apollo Burger steps up with a large donation [Tribune, Deseret News].
On this day in history:
  • 1850 - The city of San Francisco was incorporated.
  • 1861 - President Abraham Lincoln declared a state of insurrection following the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter in South Carolina.
  • 1865 - President Abraham Lincoln died after being shot by John Wilkes Booth. Andrew Johnson became the 17th president of the United States.
  • 1912 - The luxury liner Titanic sank in the North Atlantic after striking an iceberg.
  • 1945 - British and Canadian troops liberated the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen.
  • 1947 - Jackie Robinson became baseball's first black major league player.
  • 1986 - The United States launched an air strike against Libya following the bombing of a discotheque in Berlin.
  • 2002 - Retired Supreme Court Justice Byron R. White died at the age of 84.
  • 2013 - Two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, killing 3 and injuring at least 170 others.

Today At Utah Policy

Holly Richardson Left Wondering What Happened
One of the real stunning results out of Saturday's dozens of county party political conventions was the stomping in House District 57 of former Rep. Holly Richardson....

No Veto Override Session
Legislators will not try to override Gov. Gary Herbert's vetoes of three bills from the 2014 Legislature....

Love Posts Big Fundraising Numbers
4th District Congressional Candidate Mia Love pulled in nearly half-a-million dollars over the last three months, leaving her with more than $600,000 in the bank....

Poll: Americans Divided on Whether They Pay Too Much in Taxes
A survey shows 43% of Americans think they pay too much in taxes, while another 48% say they are paying the right amount....

Featured Items

Gov. Herbert: Utah's Great Secret is in the Fundamentals
What is it about Utah and its economic success? How is it that the Beehive State has the second fastest growing economy and the fourth most diverse economy in the country? Is there a great secret?...

TurboTax Maker Linked to 'Grassroots' Campaign Against Free, Simple Tax Filing
Over the last year, a rabbi, a state NAACP official, a small town mayor and other community leaders wrote op-eds and letters to Congress with remarkably similar language on a remarkably obscure topic....

Apply Today for Math Software Grants for your School
Through the 2013 session, the Utah State Legislature has provided $8.5 million for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Action Center to purchase supplemental math soft-ware for Utah classrooms....

Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Next Leader of Utah's Democrats
Utah's Democrats are set to pick a new chairman next weekend following the surprise resignation of Jim Dabakis. Our "Political Insiders" and readers make their pick....

Local Headlines

Salt Lake Tribune

Paul Rolly: Count My Vote still causing fights in Utah's GOP

Did politics sway alleged Utah terrorist's case?

Down on their luck in Sugar House

Cash fuels pacesetters in bid to fill Matheson's seat

Legislators won't try overriding governor

Deseret News

Editorial: An engaged Legislature for clean air

Editorial: Tax code is 3.7 million words too many

State lawmakers won't override Gov. Herbert vetoes

Mia Love fundraising tops 4th District candidates

Was deal in City Creek shooting plot yanked over political pressure?

The dangers of financially illiterate politicians


Lawmakers pass on veto override session (Daily Herald)

Utah's Newborn Safe Haven Law promoted in wake of gruesome discovery of infants' bodies (Standard-Examiner)

National Headlines

Cliven Bundy to sheriffs: 'Disarm' the Bureau of Land Management (Politico)

Struggling Dems waiting for Hillary in 2014 (Politico)

Boehner makes surprise visit to Afghanistan (The Hill)

CBO forecasts a drop, then a sharp rise in federal deficit (The Hill)

Putin denies Russian involvement in Ukraine during call to Obama (The Hill)

Washington Post, Guardian win Pulitzers for NSA-spying revelations (Los Angeles Times)

Rove's Super-PAC Reports Raising $5 Million in One Month (Bloomberg)

Nevada rancher says US may have damaged his cows (Associated Press)

Christie 'nervous' when scandal linked to aides (Associated Press)

McConnell raises $2.4 million for Senate race (USA Today)

Robert Rizzo, accused in Bell fraud, gets prison (Associated Press)

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