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July 22, 2013

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Local News Highlights: Daily Briefing
July 22, 2013

How to Sound Smart About Utah Politics - Monday Edition
by Bryan Schott
Countdown: There are 107 days to the 2013 municipal elections, 191 days until the start of the 2014 Legislature, 466 days until the 2014 midterm elections and 903 days until the 2016 Iowa Caucuses. 

Now that we’ve learned that Lowry Snow, who is supposed to chair the House investigation into John Swallow, has ties to one of Swallow’s accusers - will he remain in that position? [Deseret News].

Daniel Burton says speculation is growing that Swallow may bring a civil rights claim against the state [Publius Online].

One day after Utah Transit Authority officials told lawmakers they would need a dramatic hike in their share of sales taxes to fund future projects, a number of their top officials headed to Europe to study transit systems in Switzerland [Tribune].

Paul Rolly shakes his head at the political transformation of Sen. Aaron Osmond, who last week called for the end of compulsory education laws [Tribune].

The president of one of Utah’s teacher’s unions says eliminating compulsory education would hit poor families the hardest [Standard-Examiner].

The Utah Supreme Court says state wildlife officials should have done a better job protecting an 11-year-old boy who was killed by a bear in 2007 [Tribune, Deseret News].

The Utah Board of Regents are mulling changes to policy after a legislative audit said University of Utah “Red Zone” stores may violate state policy [Tribune].

Corrections officials say the number of women in Utah’s prisons is booming because many return to jail for parole violations [Tribune].

The Utah Division of Water Quality is struggling with funding issues due to federal budget cuts [Tribune].

How will the Salt Lake City Council spend the recently approved 13.8% property tax hike? [Deseret News].

Utah County Republicans are getting ready to open a new headquarters [Daily Herald].

Some Utahns are upset to find out the pollution produced by fireworks is often given a pass by the Environmental Protection Agency [Tribune].

Tooele County officials say their financial recovery plan will put the county on solid financial footing within five years [Tribune].

Animal rights activists plan to fight Utah’s controversial “ag gag” law which prohibits recording conditions in livestock operations [KSL].

A service allowing viewers to watch live local television on computers and mobile devices launches in Utah next month [Tribune].
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Local Headlines
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Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Wise investment in preschool

Rolly: Locals bear the brunt of state, federal frugality

Editorial: UTA seeks mercy: Sales tax hike will be a hard sell

Editorial: Not optional: Education should be required

Utah jobless rate rises as government employment weakens

Utah governor names first outdoor recreation office director

Proposed West Davis freeway attracting numerous comments

Tooele County audit puts faith in deep cuts, tax hike

Chaffetz says 'rogue agents' not to blame for IRS scandal

More Utah women staying in prison, but the state has a plan

After seeking greater share in taxes, UTA officials flew to Europe

Amid national debate, local neighborhood watch remains a safe, growing program

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Does it make sense for the House to investigate Swallow?

John Florez: Technology disrupting our way of life

Robert Bennett: $700 billion deficit is not good news

Editorial: Nuclear option is no cause for celebration

Editorial: Erosion of religious liberty

CDC report: Utah seniors among healthiest in nation

Should Swallow investigative committee chairman stay or go?

After tax increase, SL City Council has decisions to make

Should Utah primary election date be moved?

Educating Utah prison inmates pays off, study says


County Republicans prepping to open new office (Daily Herald)

Why Fiber? A review of UTOPIA (Daily Herald)

Andy Howell: Public employees' salaries significant cost to taxpaying public (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: Keep education compulsory (Standard-Examiner)

Lawmakers rethinking bill that ups some elective county terms from four years to six years (Standard-Examiner)

Audit finds inmates, fugitives receiving food stamps, unemployment and other benefits (Standard-Examiner)

County plans economic diversity (Park Record)

Salt Lake growth documents say little about Park City area (Park Record)

City Council candidate, critic of development, levels corruption charge (Park Record)

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