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Friday, August 8, 2014

Local News Highlights: Daily Briefing

Ten Things You Need to Know About Utah Politics - August 8, 2014

Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq. Plaintiffs in case against Utah's same-sex marriage ban want SCOTUS to decide the issue. Mia Love rakes in cash on the speaking circuit.


  • 88 days until the 2014 midterm elections
  • 171 days to the opening day of the 2015 legislature
  • 452 days until the 2015 elections
  • 528 days to the 2016 Iowa Caucuses (tentative)
  • 823 days until the 2016 presidential election

Friday's top headlines:

  • President Obama authorizes limited airstrikes in Iraq to protect American personnel [CNN].
  • The plaintiffs against Utah's ban on same-sex marriage also want the Supreme Court to weigh in on the issue [Tribune, Deseret News].
  • Republican Mia Love earned about $27,000 on the speaking circuit according to financial disclosure forms [Tribune].
  • A federal judge says a lawsuit against Utah's so-called "ag gag" law can go forward [Deseret News, Tribune].
  • Sen. Orrin Hatch hits back at the 14 senators asking President Obama to create a new national monument in Utah saying they should "keep their mitts off' the Beehive State [Deseret News].
  • Montana Democratic Senator John Walsh drops out of his re-election race amid allegations of plagiarism [U.S. News and World Report].
  • Bob Bernick remembers Sen. John Valentine's 26-years in office [Utah Policy].
  • Salt Lake City is cracking down on drivers for ridesharing services Uber and Lyft [Tribune].
  • The Jordan School District will pay a former administrator $500,000 as part of his severance [Tribune].
  • UTA announces changes to bus and train service [Deseret News].

On this day in history:

  • 1588 - English forces attacked the Spanish Armada, permanently crippling Spain's "invincible" fleet.
  • 1844 - Brigham Young was chosen to lead the Mormons following the killing of Joseph Smith.
  • 1945 - President Harry S. Truman signed the United Nations Charter.
  • 1974 - President Richard M. Nixon announced he would resign following damaging revelations in the Watergate scandal.

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Local Headlines

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Visits may strengthen move to preserve Utah land

Six Utah cities plan to put UTOPIA question to voters

Utah grapples with persistent problem: homeless students

Mia Love paid off student loans, made thousands giving speeches

Jordan to pay former administrator at least $500,000

Utah lawmakers dabble in medicine at U. mini-medical school

Judge won't toss suit challenging Utah's 'ag gag' law

Utah same-sex marriage proponents also want Supreme Court review

Deseret News

A. Scott Anderson: Education needs a unified long-range plan

Op-ed: Subprime auto loan market headed for disaster

Editorial: Obama should ignore calls for new Utah monument

UTOPIA mayors call for public vote on controversial utility fee proposal

Governor appoints new head of State Board of Pardons and Parole

Federal judge allows lawsuit against Utah's 'ag gag' law to move forward

Governor invites senators seeking new monument to visit Utah

State School Board facing pressure from all sides ahead of NCLB waiver vote

Plaintiffs in Utah gay marriage case will ask Supreme Court to hear state's appeal

Hatch says liberal senators seeking new monument should 'keep their mitts off Utah'

Water supply project key to Salt Lake City, Sandy's future

National Headlines

Poll: Party favorability falls near low (Politico)

State abortion restrictions fuel fight for Senate (Politico)

Chris Christie net approval lowest since 2011 (Politico)

Low marks for Obama on immigration (The Hill)

Three lawmakers show up for Ebola hearing (The Hill)

Obama weighs airstrikes in Iraq (The Hill)

President Obama signs veterans' health-care overhaul bill (Christian Science Monitor)

Lamar Alexander: how a Senate moderate is thriving in GOP primary (Christian Science Monitor)

Nixon Resignation Still Resonates 40 Years After Watergate (Voice of America)

Minimum Wage Fee Sparks Social Media Outrage At Minnesota Cafe (FOX News)

McConnell courts coal country votes (Associated Press)

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