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Friday, September 13, 2013

Local News Highlights: Daily Briefing

How to Sound Smart About Utah Politics - September 13, 2013
Countdown: There are 54 days to the 2013 municipal elections, 138 days until the start of the 2014 Legislature, 413 days until the 2014 midterm elections and 850 days until the 2016 Iowa Caucuses.

  • Federal investigators announce they won't charge Attorney General John Swallow or his predecessor, Mark Shurtleff. However, a number of other probes targeting the two continue [Tribune].
  • A committee rules Swallow's office must turn over to the media grand jury subpoenas it got from the feds as well as any emails discussing how to respond to those subpoenas [Tribune].
  • House Speaker Becky Lockhart says she expects an effort to hike Utah's gas tax during next year's session [Daily Herald].
  • Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rep. Chris Stewart attend briefings about the Syria situation at the White House [Tribune].
  • The Salt Lake Tribune announces a shakeup among management and a number of layoffs [Tribune].
  • The Utah Supreme Court rules a proposed tax hike in Orem to fund UTOPIA does not have to mention the fiber optic network [Tribune].
  • A state audit alleges wasteful spending within the Division of Rehabilitation Services [Tribune].
  • The Utah Department of Health says there were no identity theft cases resulting from last year's massive data breach [Deseret News].
  • West Valley City fires Shaun Cowley, one of the police officers involved in the shooting of an unarmed woman [Tribune].
  • Farmington mayoral candidate John Bowker withdraws from the race because of the time demands placed on him by a new job [Tribune].
  • Utah launches a new searchable database for the public to track environmental incidents [Tribune].
  • Pignanelli and Webb have some fun with stereotypes [Utah Policy].

Today At Utah Policy

Pignanelli & Webb: We Know How You Think � By What You Read
Politicians are fun to watch, but it's also fun to watch those "watchdogs" watching them. Thanks to Utah's unique culture, readers of print and electronic publications are somewhat easy to categorize (especially by employing sweeping generalizations and unfair stereotypes). ...

Weekly Survey: Luz Robles Running for Congress
Does Democrat Luz Robles have a shot at winning the 2nd Congressional District in 2014? Vote now in our weekly survey....

Bryan Schott's Political BS: The Race for 2015 Starts Now
Forget the potential Mia Love vs. Jim Matheson rematch next year. The race I'm looking forward to watching is the coming Democratic thunderdome in the race for Salt Lake City Mayor in 2015....

Featured Items

Video: Bernick and Schott on Politics - Episode #159
Two parallel investigations of Attorney General John Swallow chug along, but one could make the other moot. Also, Luz Robles announces her bid for Congress.Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott discuss the week in Utah politics....

Falling Leaves: It Must Be Budget Time
Autumn in the Governor's office means more than colorful leaves. Fall means (ta dum) "The Budget". A governor's budget is the best proof of his priorities. There are a million needs, and as with your budget at home, the Governor's budget is all about priorities....

Utah's Funding for Schools Still Lower Than Before Recession
Utah's schools continue to suffer from cuts in funding made since the start of the recession. These unnecessary cuts deepened the recession, slowed the recovery, and will make Utah less prosperous in the future....

Casual Friday: Weekend Events & Outdoors Report
Outdoor Notes--Tribune: Utah Hike of the week: Grandaddy and Betsy lakes--Tribune:DWR moves more than 50 mountain goats--Tribune:Prettyman: DWR's wildlife relocations a tricky subject-- For thelatest wildlife news and informationand thefishing reportvisit the DWR websiteWeek...

Small Business of the Year Sees 75 Percent Growth
The Salt Lake Chamber will honor four outstanding corporate partners at the126th Annual Meetingincluding the Small Business of the Year,G&A Partners....

Local Headlines

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: New air regs: Let's target big polluters

Orem tax hike ballot to fund UTOPIA won't mention the troubled network

Utah's GOED approves tax incentives, 900 jobs pledged

Gov, lawmakers agree to tweak Utah's school grading law

Should Utah nix personal tax exemption to fund education?

New state audit slams rehabilitation service costs

Farmington mayoral candidate withdraws from race

Utah launches database to help public track environmental incidents

Hatch, Stewart talking Syria at the White House

Committee orders Swallow's office to release copies of grand jury subpoenas

Feds won't charge Utah attorney general, but other probes roll on

Deseret News

Jay Evensen: Happiness is best left out of the hands of bureaucrats

Op-ed: Common Core standards are a repeat of insanity

Dan Liljenquist: Obama didn't 'speak softly' while carrying stick

American Fork to discuss transit-oriented development

2012 data breach not linked to any identity theft cases, director says

Audit reveals money waste and policy failures in rehab agency

No federal charges for John Swallow, Mark Shurtleff

The evolution of families: One-tenth of children now live with a grandparent


Lockhart expects gas tax battle in near future (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Welfare policy has saved money (Standard-Examiner)

House brings in legal team to start Swallow investigation (Standard-Examiner)

Talbot to be Farmington mayor after opposition withdraws (Standard-Examiner)

Audit reveals deficiencies at State Division of Rehabilitation Services (Standard-Examiner)

Cache County to consider combining clerk and auditor into one office (Logan Herald Journal)

National Headlines

Senator: Trio of likely 2016 GOP candidates gaming ObamaCare (The Hill)

Boehner: No resolution on spending bill (The Hill)

Forty-three House Republicans back bill to defund ObamaCare (The Hill)

Bill Would Give Calif. Among Highest Minimum Wages (The Hill)

In tight budget times, nation's nuke agency racks up big bills (Associated Press)

Judge orders end to Montgomery County's same-sex marriage licenses (Montgomery News)

Pastor Terry Jones arrested with thousands of kerosene-soaked Qurans, deputies say (Orlando Sentinel)

D.C. Mayor Gray vetoes 'living wage' bill aimed at Wal-Mart, setting up decisive council vote (Washington Post)

AFL-CIO demands changes to Obamacare but not its abolition (New York Daily News)

Washington Leadership Vacuum Raises Risks of Shutdown (Bloomberg)

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