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Situational awareness - March 10, 2020

Good Tuesday morning from Salt Lake City


2 days to the final day of the 2020 Utah Legislature (3/12/2020)

14 days to the statewide neighborhood caucus meetings (3/24/2020)

46 days to the Utah Republican and Democratic state conventions (4/25/2020)

112 days to the 2020 Utah primary elections (6/30/2020)

238 Days to the 2020 election (11/3/2020)

321 days to the start of the 2021 Utah Legislature (1/25/2021)

Here are the stories you need to pay attention to this morning:

  • Legislators ditch most plans for tax cuts this year.
  • Staffers take preventative steps against coronavirus on the Hill.
  • The markets took a beating on Monday.


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Today At Utah Policy

images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_05.jpgLegislative leaders ditching most plans for tax cuts this year amid economic uncertainty
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
Lawmakers have largely abandoned plans for any sort of large-scale tax relief this year, opting to set money aside in case the economy sours.
images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_11.jpgLawmakers taking steps to control number of bills on Capitol Hill
By Bob Bernick, Contributing Editor
Gov. Gary Herbert and some GOP legislators are congratulating the 2020 general session for not having as many bills to consider as recent 45-day sessions.But it looks like weak, and incorrect, praise.
images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_10.jpgHouse and Senate leaders moving to combat spread of coronavirus at the capitol
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
Utah House leaders announced new guidelines Monday to prevent exposure and the possible spread of the coronavirus during the final days of the 2020 Legislature.
images/1000px_Article_Photos/2020_Election_03.jpg2020 Utah candidate tracker - Statewide and congressional races
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
Keep up to date with the latest candidate filings in the race for governor and Utah's four seats in Congress.
images/1000px_Article_Photos/2020_Election_02.jpg2020 Utah candidate tracker - Utah Senate
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
2020 means another election cycle is upon us. Half of the Utah Senate seats are up for election this year. Here's a running list of declared candidates.
images/1000px_Article_Photos/2020_Election_01.jpg2020 Utah candidate tracker - Utah House
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
All 75 Utah House seats are up for election this year. Here's our running list of who has declared to run so far this year.
images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_27.jpgLawmakers unveil $20 billion budget, but a special session to adjust spending may be needed later this year
By Bob Bernick, Contributing Editor
Utah will see a $20 billion budget for the next fiscal year the all-powerful Executive Appropriations committee decided Friday night.
images/1000px_Logos/Bernick_and_Schott_Logo_1000.jpgLegislative laggards - Bernick and Schott on politics podcast
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
 There's less than a week to go in the 2020 Utah Legislature. Bryan Schott and Bob Bernick give you the latest information as we barrel towards next week's adjournment.
images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_39.jpgLawmakers closing in on budget deal, but no decision on tax relief yet
By Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott
Republican budget leaders tell they are close to setting the 2020-2021 fiscal year budget of around $20 billion.
images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_40.jpgPoll: 8 in 10 Utah Republicans want the Legislature to cut taxes
By Bob Bernick, Contributing Editor
As the Utah Legislature's GOP House and Senate caucuses debate whether to give a tax cut this year, a new Y2 Analytics poll finds that 80 percent of Republican voters want such tax relief.
images/1000px_Mugs/Mitt_Romney_09.jpgUPDATE: Romney will vote to allow subpoena in Biden probe
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
A spokesperson for Sen. Mitt Romney said Friday he would vote to allow a Senate committee to subpoena documents related to Hunter Biden's work for a Ukrainian energy company.

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Deseret News

Salt Lake Tribune



Market mayhem

The Dow closed down more than 2,000 points on Monday while oil prices saw their biggest drop since 1991 [NBC News].

Dead cat bounce? Stocks and oil prices are set to recover on Tuesday but not enough to ease fears of a recession [WSJ].

Goldman Sachs is warning oil prices could drop into the $20s [Bloomberg].

Fighting fears of a recession

President Donald Trump pitched economic relief for Americans amid fears the economy is headed toward a recession. Trump floated a payroll tax cut and other economic stimulus measures [USA Today].

The New York Federal Reserve has pumped at least $50 billion of extra cash into the economy to ease the stress from the global financial markets [CNN].


The Trump administration is reportedly stalling the release of an intelligence report that warns the U.S. is not prepared to deal with a global pandemic [Time].


Two members of Congress who interacted with President Trump have gone into self-quarantine after being exposed to the virus [Washington Post].

President Trump continues to shake hands with supporters and is vowing his campaign rallies will continue despite the growing threat from the virus [Politico].

President Trump has not been tested for coronavirus despite coming into contact with people who have been exposed [CNN].

Italy put the entire country on lockdown, announcing severe nationwide limits on travel [New York Times].

MLB, NBA, NHL and the MLS are closing locker rooms to the media and non-essential personnel because of the virus [USA Today].

The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on scammers selling fraudulent coronavirus cures [Axios].

The virus has infected more than 113,000 people worldwide with more than 4,000 deaths [CNN].

Americans are divided politically over the severity of the virus. Democrats are about twice as likely to say the virus poses an imminent threat, and more Democrats than Republicans say they are taking steps to be prepared [Reuters].

Mini Tuesday

Six states go to the polls in the Democratic presidential nomination race. The big prize is Michigan, where Bernie Sanders needs a win to reverse Joe Biden's momentum [Politico].


Policy News

Utah Clean Energy receives UCAIR grant to help improve Utah's air quality and advance urban efficiency
Utah Clean Energy recently received a grant from the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR), a statewide clean air partnership created to improve Utah's air, to assist in maximizing energy efficiency and expanding electric vehicles along the Wasatch Front.
images/1000px_Logos/CYBER_24_Logo.jpgCYBER24 Episode 72: Blockchain technology and voting in Utah
The state of Utah is exploring the possibility of using blockchain technology to make voting more secure and more convenient.
Space Dynamics Lab-built SmallSat successfully deployed from ISS -- now being flown by lab
The Space Dynamics Laboratory announced that a small satellite built by SDL was successfully deployed into orbit, and early telemetry indicates that the spacecraft health is nominal and the satellite is operating as designed.

More National Headlines


1848 - The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is ratified by the U.S. Senate, ending the Mexican-American War.

1866 - The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was incorporated.

1876 - The first successful test of a telephone is made by Alexander Graham Bell.

1912 - The luxury liner Titanic set sail from Southampton, England, on its ill-fated maiden voyage. It stopped first in Cherbourg, France, and then Queenstown, Ireland, the next day to pick up additional passengers before heading out into the open sea.

1947 - Brooklyn Dodgers president Branch Rickey announced he had purchased the contract of Jackie Robinson from the Montreal Royals, paving the way for Robinson to become the first black to play in the major leagues.

1992 - Financier Charles Keating Jr. was sentenced in Los Angeles to nine years in prison for swindling investors when his Lincoln Savings and Loan collapsed. (The convictions were later overturned).

Wise Words


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