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Situational awareness - March 18, 2019

Good Monday morning from Salt Lake City.

Here are the stories we're following today:

  • Utahns approve of Trump's handling of the economy, but sour on his immigration and foreign policy decisions.
  • Utah lawmakers continue to work on tax reform even though the legislative session ended last week.
  • President Trump lashes out on Twitter.
  • Democrats grumble about media fawning over Beto O'Rourke.

Political Trivia Winners!

It was a bit of a trick question this week as there were several Utahns who served non-consecutive terms in the U.S. House, including Wayne Owens, Sherman Lloyd, David King, William Dawson, William Hooper and John Bernhisel. 

The first three readers to submit correct answers were:

  • David Schneider
  • Clark Larsen
  • Mike Mower

No luck stumping Mike Mower this week, so the $25 Amazon gift card is still up for grabs. If you think you have a political trivia question that can flummox Mower, send it to me at mailbag!

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Today is the 77th day of the year. There are 288 days remaining in 2019.

33 days to the Utah Libertarian Party state convention (4/20/2019)

47 days to the Utah State Republican Party Organizing Convention (5/4/2019)

77 days until the municipal election filing period opens (6/3/2019)

81 days until the municipal election filing period ends (6/7/2019)

96 days to the Utah State Democratic Party Organizing Convention (6/22/2019)

148 days to the 2019 Utah primary elections (8/13/2019)

232 days to the 2019 municipal elections (11/5/2019)

315 days to the first day of the 2020 Utah Legislature (1/27/2020)

323 days to the 2020 Iowa Caucuses (2/3/2020)

351 days to the 2020 Utah presidential primary (3/3/2020)

592 days until the 2020 presidential election (11/3/2020)

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Today At Utah Policy

images/1000px_Mugs/Donald_Trump_15.jpgUtahns approve of how Trump is handling the economy, but disapprove of his immigration and foreign policy

Utahns like the way GOP President Donald Trump is handling the economy, a recent survey shows, but they don't like how he's dealing with immigration and foreign policy.
images/1000px_Mugs/Stuart_Adams_02.jpgSenate President Stuart Adams wraps up the 2019 Utah Legislature

Senate President Stuart Adams says lawmakers "came close" to not agreeing to a budget in the 2019 session.
images/1000px_Mugs/Brad_Wilson_04.jpgPodcast: Speaker Brad Wilson wraps up the 2019 Utah Legislature

House Speaker Brad Wilson wraps up the 2019 Utah Legislature with Managing Editor Bryan Schott and Contributing Editor Bob Bernick.
images/1000px_Logos/Bernick_and_Schott_Logo_1000.jpg'A soupcon of hyperbole' - Bernick and Schott on politics

The 2019 Utah Legislature is over. Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott look back on the last 45 days and what lies ahead as lawmakers get ready to tackle tax reform.
images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_05.jpgWhat the 2019 Utah Legislature did, and didn't get done

 Every general session has its own history, of course.But the 2019 Legislature will likely go down as one of the most important in recent history.
images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_31.jpgHighlights from Utah's $19 billion budget

There is always a lot of spending/last minute bills that likes to watch and report upon. Here are some, unrelated as they are, that came up the last day of the session:
images/1000px_Article_Photos/20190314_herbert_podcast.jpgPodcast: Wrapping up the 2019 Utah Legislature with Gov. Gary Herbert

 Utah Gov. Gary Herbert sits down with Managing Editor Bryan Schott and Contributing Editor Bob Bernick on the final day of the 2019 Utah Legislative session.
images/1000px_Mugs/Bernick_Mug_01.jpgBob Bernick's notebook: A road well traveled

The 2019 Legislature's general session is over.What have we learned?What do we know?
images/1000px_Screenshots/20190314_Romney_CNN.jpgRomney, Lee vote to block Trump's border emergency declaration

Utah Sens. Mike Lee and Mitt Romney both voted in favor of a resolution to stop President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration.
images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_30.jpgLawmakers nix money for Hatch Center in budget bill

Legislators stripped a proposed $1.5 million expenditure to fund a center honoring former Sen. Orrin Hatch from Utah's $19 billion budget on Thursday afternoon.
images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_29.jpgMedicaid waiver 'on track' to be granted prior to April 1 according to lawmakers

Legislators say the state is on track to have the first of two required waivers from the Trump administration approved which will allow them to implement a scaled back Medicaid expansion plan at the beginning of next month.

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Deseret News

Salt Lake Tribune



Trump spent Sunday rage tweeting. Over the weekend President Donald Trump used Twitter to attack special counsel Robert Mueller, Fox News, GM, CNN, Google, Saturday Night Live, Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steele, the Paris climate deal and other targets -

  • Part of Trump's fit of pique was fueled by Fox News suspending host Jeanine Pirro for making anti-Muslim comments last weekend. Trump is an unabashed fan of the show, often calling in during the broadcast. Trump demanded her reinstatement during his tirade -
  • Trump also continued to attack John McCain who died in August -
  • President Trump denied white nationalism is on the rise across the globe. The president said the problem is contained to a "small group" of people -

Democrats ready attempt to override Trump's national emergency veto. The House will hold a vote on President Trump's veto of a measure blocking his emergency declaration on March 26. The effort is all but certain to fail -

Biden slips up, nearly confirms he'll run for president in 2020. At a speech Saturday night, former vice president Joe Biden made a verbal slip which suggested he will, as expected, launch his third bid for the White House -

Beto backlash. Several Democratic presidential hopefuls are upset about the fawning media coverage afforded former Texas congressman Beto O'Rourke since he announced his candidacy last week -

  • O'Rourke reported raising $6.1 million onlin during his first day in the race, which is the best total among all of the Democrats seeking the 2020 nomination. O'Rourke has sworn off all PAC donations -

Many of the men seeking the 2020 Democratic nomination say they may pick a woman running mate. With a record number of female candidates in the Democratic field, several of the men running say they would have a hard time not picking a female as their vice president -

2020 Democrats warm to legalizing marijuana. Many of the Democrats running for president in 2020 support legalizing cannabis -

Some Dems float packing the Supreme Court. Sens. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand said they would not rule out expanding the Supreme Court if they were elected -

New Zealand moves to reform gun laws. The government there is moving swiftly to unveil new gun laws following a deadly shooting rampage at two mosques that left 50 dead and about 40 injured -

  • Facebook says they removed 1.5 million videos of the attack and blocked the uploading of another 1.2 million copies of the video in the first 24 hours after the attack -

Feds raided the office of one of Trump's biggest fundraisers. Last summer, federal investigators raided the office of GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy looking for records related to his dealings with foreign officials and members of the Trump administration -

Khashoggi killing part of wider effort to silence dissent. The team behind the brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi carried out surveillance, kidnapping and detention of Saudi citizens for more than a year before the killing as part of a campaign to crack down on critics of the government -

Midwest flooding. At least two people are dead following flooding in Nebraska and Iowa -

Woah! A huge meteor exploded in the Earth's atmosphere in December, but not many people noticed because it was over the Bering Sea. The rock exploded with about 10 times the force of the Hiroshima atomic bomb -


1925 - The worst tornado in U.S. history hit eastern Missouri, southern Illinois and southern Indiana, killing 695 people, injuring thousands of others and causing $17 million in damage.

1944 - The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy kills 26 people and causes thousands to flee their homes.

1965 - Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov becomes the first person to walk in space.

1968 - Congress takes U.S. currency off the gold standard.

1995 - Basketball superstar Michael Jordan announced he was returning to the NBA after a 17-month break.

2005 - Doctors removed the feeding tube keeping Terri Schiavo alive after a wide-ranging fight over the brain-damaged Florida woman's care that involved President George W. Bush and Congress.

Policy News

United Nations and Mayor Biskupski announce 2019 UN Civic Society Conference chairperson
Maruxa Cardama, Secretary-General of the Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport, has been selected by the United Nations Department of Global Communications as Chair of the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City.
United Way of Salt Lake receives national recognition for improving student outcomes in the Salt Lake City region
United Way of Salt Lake's Promise Partnership has been designated as a proof point community by national nonprofit StriveTogether. The proof point designation is an important measure of progress -- only 11 of the nearly 70 StriveTogether partners in the national network have received the designation.
Sutherland applauds passage of clean slate legislation
Rick Larsen, Sutherland Institute president and CEO, released the following statement commending Utah's Legislature for passing HB 431 - Expungement Act Amendments:
images/1000px_Logos/GOED_ProgramLogos_Color_EDCUtah.pngProject Common Sense expands in Utah
The Economic Development Corporation (EDCUtah) and the Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED) are excited to announce that Hillcrest Bank, a division of NBH Bank, announced its expansion into Utah, with a focus on serving commercial and business banking clients in the Wasatch Front.
images/1000px_Logos/SL_Chamber_Logo_1000.jpgDerek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber, named to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Committee of 100
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce welcomed 12 new executives to its Chamber of Commerce Committee of 100 (CCC100) including Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber.
Casual Friday: Weekend Events & Outdoors Report
Weekend EventOutdoors Report-- Salt Lake Tribune: A wet winter has made 'very impressive' waterfalls at this Utah state park for first time in years

More National Headlines

Wise Words

Real Liberty

"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments." Alexander Hamilton

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Vetoed Emergency

"Under the law, the president can declare an emergency, then Congress can say, 'It's not really an emergency,' and then the president can veto that. It's a precedent established in the landmark case Nuh Uh v. Yeah Huh." - STEPHEN COLBERT

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