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Situational awareness - April 24, 2019

Good Wednesday morning from Salt Lake City

Here's what is driving the day:

  • Utah Republicans may have a problem attracting younger voters.
  • Lee says Democrats should take a lesson from the Republican-led impeachment of Bill Clinton.
  • Trump doesn't want current and former members of his administration testifying before Congress.
  • Biden readies a 2020 run

Spoiler-free movie review

I saw an advance screening of Avengers: Endgame on Tuesday and all I can say! 

The film is a fitting end to the 20+ movie arc that began with Iron Man back in 2008. It's everything fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe could want from a film and much more.

Bring your tissues. I teared up at least 5 times, and I saw several people openly weeping during the screening.

And the ending is incredible!

Don't take my word for it - it's got a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and is at 78 on Metacritic.

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Today is the 114th day of the year. There are 251 days remaining in 2019.

10 days to the Utah State Republican Party Organizing Convention (5/4/2019)

10 days to the United Utah Party state convention (5/4/2019)

40 days until the municipal election filing period opens (6/3/2019)

44 days until the municipal election filing period ends (6/7/2019)

45 days until the Independent American Party Utah State Convention (6/8/2019)

59 days to the Utah State Democratic Party Organizing Convention (6/22/2019)

63 days to the first Democratic presidential primary debates in Miami (6/26/2019)

97 days to the second Democratic presidential primary debates in Detroit (7/30/2019)

111 days to the 2019 Utah primary elections (8/13/2019)

195 days to the 2019 municipal elections (11/5/2019)

278 days to the first day of the 2020 Utah Legislature (1/27/2020)

286 days to the 2020 Iowa Caucuses (2/3/2020)

314 days to the 2020 Utah presidential primary (3/3/2020)

555 days until the 2020 presidential election (11/3/2020)

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Today At Utah Policy

images/1000px_Screenshots/20190424_Lee_Fox.jpgLee: Mueller investigation 'went off the rails'

Sen. Mike Lee says special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election "went off the rails."
images/Shutterstock_article_photos/Republican_flag.jpgUtah Republicans may have a brewing problem with younger voters

As the Utah Republican Party looks to rebuild itself from the electoral and financial challenges of the last two years, there is one group of Utahns who are clearly turning away from the archconservative-leaning party younger voters.
images/Shutterstock_article_photos/Congressional_News_02.jpgRomney, Murphy to travel to Middle East

U.S. Senators Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Chris Murphy (D-CT), Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near East, South Asia, Central Asia, and Counterterrorism, will travel to the Middle East, including Israel and Jordan, in the coming days to meet with government officials to discuss and strengthen the relationships between the United States and allies in the region. Additional information regarding their visit will be shared in the coming days.
images/Shutterstock_article_photos/Congressional_News_01.jpgCurtis hosts environmental stewardship roundtable

Representative John Curtis (R-UT), member of the House Natural Resources Committee, released the following statement after hosting a roundtable on environmental stewardship and innovation. The roundtable discussion included a diverse range of groups representing the energy industry, transportation, and government.
images/1000px_Logos/Bernick_and_Schott_Logo_1000.jpgI just saw Avengers: Endgame - Bernick and Schott on politics

Sen. Mitt Romney says he's disgusted by the details about President Donald Trump's behavior from the Mueller report, but will he do anything about it?
images/1000px_Screenshots/20190423_Lee_Fox.jpgLee on Democratic calls to impeach Trump: 'Not good for them now. Not good for them a year from now'

Sen. Mike Lee said Tuesday morning Democrats would be making a huge mistake by trying to impeach President Donald Trump following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report.
images/Shutterstock_Icons/podcast_13.jpgPodcast: Derek Brown on the future of the Utah GOP

Former Utah Rep. Derek Brown is running for chairman of the Utah Republican Party.
images/1000px_Screenshots/20190422_Lee_View.jpgWatch: Lee tangles with 'The View' hosts over Mueller report, climate change

Sen. Mike Lee is making the rounds to promote his new book, Our Lost Declaration. On Monday he ventured on the morning chatfest The View where he sparred with the hosts over the conclusions of special counsel Robert Mueller's report and his Senate floor speech mocking the "Green New Deal."
images/1000px_Logos/SL_Chamber_Logo_1000.jpgJoin the Salt Lake Chamber for the 'Four Commitments of a Winning Team' with Mark Eaton

Join us for the Salt Lake Chamber Professional Development Series seminar, the 'Four Commitments of a Winning Team' with Mark Eaton on May 3, 2019.
images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_02.jpgLegislative leaders discussing possible compromise on election law instead of veto override

Rather than spend time and energy searching for votes to override GOP Gov. Gary Herbert's veto of SB123 a bill that would lay out the special election process if a U.S. House or Senate member leaves office before his term is up is told that Republican legislative leaders are looking for a compromise that could include a plurality solution now inherent in SB54.

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Deseret News

Salt Lake Tribune



Trump moves to block Congressional inquiries. President Donald Trump says he opposes having current and former administration officials testifying before Congress -

Joe Biden will jump into the 2020 Democratic race on Thursday. He will begin the race needing to make up a lot of ground fundraising -

  • Biden may have to rely on big donors to compete with the fundraising machines built by his Democratic rivals -

Pelosi pushing back on impeachment talk. The House Speaker is trying to keep a lid on growing calls for impeaching President Trump following the release of the Mueller report -

Officials were warned not to bring up efforts to fight Russian election meddling in front of Trump. White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney warned former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen that Trump equated any talk with Russian election interference with questions about the legitimacy of his 2016 victory -

Kushner said the Mueller investigation was 'more harmful' to the U.S. than Russian election interference. Jared Kushner also downplayed the Russian election efforts, characterizing them as just "some Facebook ads" -

Twitter shut down more than 5,000 bots that were pushing an anti-Mueller report narrative. The network of bots pushing disinformation did not appear to come from Russia. Instead, the bots were tied to a previous pro-Saudi social media operation -

Trump met with the head of Twitter on Tuesday. The president complained his number of followers on the social media platform had dropped, saying it's proof the service is biased against conservatives -

More Democrats head to Fox. Pete Buttigieg will hold a town hall on the conservative news channel on May 19 -

Trump vs. the media. President Trump has barred members of his staff and administration from attending Saturday's White House Correspondents' Association dinner -

Democratic presidential candidates are courting a new voting block...renters. Voters who don't own homes could be a powerful new source of votes in 2020 -

Iowa's longest-serving Republican lawmaker joins the Democratic Party. State Rep. Andy McKean said he's switching because of President Trump -

Measles on college campuses. The next big outbreak could be on the nation's college campuses because younger Americans are less likely to be vaccinated than other age groups -


1704 - The first regular newspaper in British Colonial America, The Boston News-Letter, is published.

1800 - The U.S. Library of Congress is established when President John Adams signed legislation to appropriate $5,000 to purchase "such books as may be necessary for the use of Congress."

1967 - Vietnam War: American General William Westmoreland says in a news conference that the enemy had "gained support in the United States that gives him hope that he can win politically that which he cannot win militarily."

1980 - Operation Eagle Claw, the attempt to rescue 52 U.S. embassy staff held captive in Tehran, ends with the death of eight servicemen when a helicopter crashed into a transport aircraft.

1990 - The Hubble Space Telescope is launched from the Space Shuttle Discovery.

2005 - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is inaugurated as the 265th Pope of the Catholic Church taking the name Pope Benedict XVI.

Policy News

Updated report moves Utah 37 spots for cutting licensing red tape to increase employment opportunities, support state's growing economy
Governor Gary R. Herbert stated that thanks to collaborative efforts by the Utah State Legislature and Executive Branch, Utah's ranking of occupational licensing burden in the United States saw a massive decrease, down from 13th to 50th nationwide.  
Curtis encourages political engagement at tech tour: 'Demand civility and reward it'
This week, Representative John Curtis (R-UT) set out on a tech tour visiting several companies in his district. 

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Game of Trump

"I only hope this is Trump's final season. But this is great news for Trump's hard-core supporters, or as they are also known, really white walkers." - JAMES CORDEN

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