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Situational awareness - May 8, 2018

Good Tuesday morning from Salt Lake City.

Can McAdams beat Love? Stewart says Trump would be justified in pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. It's primary election day in four states. 

Take some time off! A new study shows the average American worker puts in more hours than a medieval peasant. The average American works 1,811 hours annually, while an adult male peasant worked approximately 1,620 hours.


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4th District showdown

The 4th District contest between Republican Mia Love and Democrat Ben McAdams is one of the most hotly anticipated matchups of the 2018 midterms. But, right now, the numbers show McAdams has a big hill to climb [Utah Policy].

Iran nuclear deal

Rep. Chris Stewart says President Trump would be justified walking away from the Iran nuclear deal because it was fatally flawed from the beginning, but he hopes the administration continues to engage with Iran even if the agreement is scrapped [Utah Policy].

You can download the podcast of our conversation with Rep. Stewart. We discuss whether the government can do anything to prevent Russian election hacking, the Iran nuclear deal, and Gina Haspel's nomination to be CIA director [Utah Policy].

Final wishes

Sen. John McCain has made it known he does not want President Donald Trump to attend his funeral. However, Sen. Orrin Hatch calls that request "ridiculous" [Utah Policy].

Mitt at The Met

Mitt Romney surprises attendees at the annual Met Gala when he showed up with his wife, Ann, at the annual high-society event [Utah Policy].

It's debate time

The Utah Debate Commission announces three primary election debates, all taking place on May 29 [Utah Policy].




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Today At Utah Policy

Analysis: Can Ben McAdams beat Mia Love in November?

The marquee matchup in Utah's 2018 midterm election is Rep. Mia Love vs. Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. ...

Mitt Romney blows up Twitter by showing up at the Met Gala

The annual Met Gala in New York City is the biggest night in fashion. So, attendees were surprised to see Mitt and Ann Romney show up for the high-society affair on Monday....

Hatch says 'It's ridiculous' that McCain doesn't want Trump at his funeral

Friends of Sen. John McCain have said the ailing Arizona Republican does not want President Trump to attend his funeral. Sen. Orrin Hatch says McCain should reconsider that request....

Stewart says Trump would be justified walking away from Iran nuclear deal

On Tuesday, President Trump is set to announce his decision about whether to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration. Rep. Chris Stewart says the deal was a bad one, but he hopes the president keeps negotiating with Iran if he decides to scra...

Podcast: Rep. Chris Stewart on Russian election interference and the Iran nuclear deal

Rep. Chris Stewart joins Managing Editor Bryan Schott to discuss whether the government is doing enough to counter Russian interference in our elections....

Utah Debate Commission announces primary debate schedule

The Utah Debate Commission has announced three pre-primary debates on May 29....

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Policy News

Fox files 'May's new beginnings'
May just might be my favorite month of the year - each day is longer and brighter, the flowers are in full bloom, and our beautiful mountain ranges and valleys are verdant....

Utah's first official mega site program
Ranked in the top three Best States for Business by Forbes for eight years running, Utah has proven itself as a top contender among locations in the West for corporate growth....

Local Headlines

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Opioid crisis needs prevention, not just a band-aid

Jim Dabakis: The arts are the thing that can save us

Editorial: Don't stop the Utah initiatives

Following Jordan and Granite, Tooele School District plans to hike teacher salaries, too. Is Canyons next?

How a 'waterwise' ornamental plant has taken over Wasatch foothills

Feds grant Utah's largest coal producer a royalty discount worth up to $19 million for mining hard-to-reach deposits

Gehrke: Opponents are going all-out to stop ballot measures, and that includes stretching the truth

A Utah commission will hold 3 debates in 1 marathon day full of sparring over the state's three contested primary races for federal seats

FEC says Chaffetz may have broken the law in money transfer; Chaffetz's lawyer says it was a paperwork error

Sen. Hatch says it's 'ridiculous' McCain doesn't want President Trump at his funeral

Deseret News

Editorial: Latest jobs report is good news, but troubles loom

Four-day week OK'd for three rural schools in Tooele County

Hatch says 'ridiculous' for McCain to request Trump not attend his funeral

International trade vital to Utah agriculture industry, officials note

'Space of hope': Officials break ground on 1 of 3 new homeless resource centers in Salt Lake City

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National Headlines

April was best month in history for U.S. budget, according to CBO figures (Washington Times)

Trump poised to scrap Iran nuclear deal (The Times)

Eric Schneiderman, New York's Attorney General, Resigns Amid Assault Accusations (New York Times)

Trump on Eric Schneiderman in 2013 tweet: 'Wait and see, worse than Spitzer or Weiner' (Washington Times)

McCain's critiques of Trump have president's supporters angry and firing back (Washington Post)

Oliver North Will Be Next President Of NRA, Organization Says (NPR)

Trump's GOP 'warriors' lead charge against Mueller (Politico)

Undercover to under scrutiny: Gina Haspel, nominee to head CIA, to face Senate grilling (Washington Post)

How many calories are in that pizza? Chain restaurants now have to tell you. (Washington Post)

Senators urge regulator scrutiny of T-Mobile-Sprint merger (The Hill)

Proposed California solar mandate could add $10,500 to cost of a house (San Francisco Chronicle)

Wise Words

Rule of Law

"If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable." Louis D. Brandeis

Lighter Side

Common Values

"White House insiders say that President Trump feels comfortable with Rudy Giuliani because they're from the same generation. Giuliani said, "We share common values like hard work, patriotism, and ditching your first two wives." Conan O'Brien

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