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Situational awareness - July 9, 2018

Good Monday morning from Salt Lake City. President Trump announces his next Supreme Court nominee tonight during prime time.

Utahns haven't seen much benefit from the Trump tax cuts. Did Hatch drop a clue about Trump's SCOTUS pick? The Trump administration will likely miss a deadline for reuniting children separated from their families at the border. 



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Utahns aren't seeing much benefit from the Trump tax cuts

Our latest UtahPolicy.com survey finds that 51% of Utahns support the tax cuts passed by Republicans in Congress last year, but only 1/4 say they have noticed an increase in their paycheck because of the changes - http://bit.ly/2MYc8P6

Does Orrin Hatch know something?

Sen. Orrin Hatch may have dropped a huge clue about who President Trump is about to select for the Supreme Court - http://bit.ly/2zs2h1M

Lee to SCOTUS? Probably not...

Our "Political Insiders" say they don't think Sen. Mike Lee or his brother Thomas will be President Trump's pick for the Supreme Court - http://bit.ly/2uhgIjo

Utah oil drillers got a big boost from Pruitt

Former EPA head Scott Pruitt helped push through changes that exempted Utah oil and gas producers from EPA smog regulations - https://politi.co/2MZsUwZ

Big money offer for Romney

Comedian Bill Maher says he would put up $1 million if Mitt Romney were to wrest control of the country from Donald Trump - http://bit.ly/2m605U9




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Today At Utah Policy

Poll: A majority of Utahns approve of the Trump tax cuts, but only 1/4 say they've seen their pay go up as a result

A majority of Utahns still support the tax cuts passed by Congress at the end of 2017, but only about 1/4 of them say they've seen an increase in their paycheck....
A Utahn on the Supreme Court? Our 'Political Insiders' say don't count on it

When President Trump announces his Supreme Court pick on Monday night, our "Political Insiders" and readers don't expect Sen. Mike Lee's name to be called....
Comedian Bill Maher offers Mitt Romney $1 million to take over for Trump

During his most recent HBO special, comedian Bill Maher went after President Donald Trump, offering the former presidential candidate and current U.S. Senate hopeful $1 million to take control of the country....
Did Orrin Hatch tip off Trump's Supreme Court pick?

President Donald Trump is set to announce his nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy on Monday evening. Sen. Orrin Hatch may have given away the game a few days early....

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Policy News

SelectUSA summit
In June, Utah Gov. Gary R. Herbert led a Utah delegation to the SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington, D.C. The summit is the highest-profile event dedicated to promoting foreign direct investment (FDI) in the United States....
Utah executives remain optimistic on future economy
The Salt Lake Chamber released the second-quarter results of the Salt Lake Chamber's 2018 CEOutlook survey....
Salt Lake City starts new health plan that will keep employees healthy - and save taxpayers money
Salt Lake City Education Program Manager Stephanie Yau questioned the need for a colonoscopy but went in for her annual preventive screening anyway. The colonoscopy revealed cancer but the early detection resulted in a successful outcome....

Local Headlines

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Keeping The Road Home open is not the solution

Editorial: Drug money isn't worth forfeiting our principles

Poll: Utahns trust their cops and teachers but not Congress or media

Sen. Hatch visits Portugal and Germany to meet heads of state - and also tour a Mormon temple

Not giving up, conservative leaders push Sen. Mike Lee for the Supreme Court

Most of the $285M Utah was expected to get after Supreme Court decision on online sales tax is already being spent

Salt Lake City Councilman Derek Kitchen edges closer to a win in Democratic primary for Utah Senate seat

A new Supreme Court justice may lead to the end of Roe v. Wade. How would that impact abortions in Utah?

In her bid to unseat Rep. Chris Stewart, Democrat Shireen Ghorbani is finding that many voters don't even know the name of their congressman

Like Trump, Utah conservatives are wary of the #MeToo movement

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Lee is an unlikely court pick, but we speculate anyway

Orrin Hatch: What to expect when Trump nominates a new Supreme Court justice

Greg Bell: We must increase Utah's public transit appeal

Op-ed: Utah doesn't have a water crisis

Editorial: The fight against religious persecution should focus on rights

Jenny Wilson challenges Mitt Romney to debate on immigration

Hatch, Elder Uchtdorf meet with Angela Merkel, lay wreath at concentration camp

Jen Dailey-Provost looks to be winner over Igor Limansky in state House race

Utah execs upbeat about economy, unsure of future, report says

Report: Utah has low alcohol use, but those who do drink disproportionately struggle with binges

Proposal: Ski resorts, Forest Service would swap Wasatch canyons lands


Temporary funding fix implemented for Utah County Sheriff's Office (Daily Herald)

Dem nominee for US Senate in Utah challenges Mitt Romney to debate (Standard-Examiner)

Aluminum, steel tariffs cause Utah breweries to worry (Park Record)

National Headlines

Is Hillary Clinton secretly planning to run in 2020? (New York Post)

Supreme Court vacancy: Prepare for a game-changer, experts say (News-Gazette)

Trump lawyers call Comey 'Machiavellian' in note to Mueller (Associated Press)

AP gave FBI code to Manafort storage locker? (Politico)

Dershowitz: 'You cannot question a president's motives when the president acts' (The Hill)

Bookstore owner calls police after customer confronted Steve Bannon (The Hill)

Students lead nationwide counterprotests promoting gun rights (The Hill)

Scott Pruitt, Fallen E.P.A. Chief, May Rise Again in Oklahoma (New York Times)

Trump Administration Freezes Payments Required By The Affordable Care Act (NPR)

Mark Zuckerberg is Now the Third Richest Person on the Planet (Esquire)

Takeaway From the New Billionaires Ranking: Zuckerberg and Bezos Don't Give Away Enough Money (Slate)

Wise Words

Pace of Nature

"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lighter Side

Civil War

"There's a lot of fighting going on right now in Washington, and one Republican congressman said he thinks the U.S. is heading toward another civil war. At first, President Trump was excited because he thought that meant there'll be another "Avengers" movie." Jimmy Fallon

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