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Situational awareness - August 13, 2020

Good morning from Salt Lake City

Let's Thursday!


7 days to the 6th special session (8/20/2020)

42 days to the 1st Congressional District debate (9/24/2020)

47 days to the Utah gubernatorial debate (9/28/2020)

49 days to the Utah Attorney General debate (10/01/2020)

55 days to the Vice Presidential debate at the University of Utah (10/07/2020)

60 days to the 4th Congressional District debate (10/12/2020)

63 days to the 3rd Congressional District debate (10/15/2020)

67 days to the 2nd Congressional District debate (10/19/2020)

82 days to the 2020 election (11/3/2020)

160 days to inauguration day (01/20/2021)

165 days to the start of the 2021 Utah Legislature (1/25/2021)

Here are the stories you need to pay attention to this morning:

  • A stark warning about the coronavirus.
  • Biden's campaign rakes in cash after naming Harris to the Democratic ticket.
  • Republican candidates for governor spent big bucks on advertising ahead of the primary election.


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Today At Utah Policy

images/1000px_Article_Photos/GOP_Cash_01.jpgRepublican candidates for governor spent nearly $4 million on advertising ahead of the primary
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
The Republican candidates for governor spent more than $3.7 million on advertising ahead of the party's June primary.
images/1000px_Article_Photos/20200812_Rigged_Book.pngPodcast: Understanding the threat from Russian election interference with David Shimer
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
America is still trying to come to grips with the story of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Russia's efforts to undermine Democrat Hillary Clinton, and later how they helped Republican Donald Trump win, is something Americans need to understand if only to keep it from happening again.
images/1000px_Article_Photos/20200812_Rich_States.pngUtah ranked #1 in new economic competitiveness outlook
By News release
The American Legislative Exchange Council released the thirteenth edition of Rich States, Poor States its newest publication in an annual series illustrating each states' competitiveness and economic outlook using 15 equally weighted policy variables and examining trends from past decades. This publication examines the policy choices made across the 50 states in 2019 and whether those choices have improved economic competitiveness.
images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_06.jpgLawmakers considering bonding to boost economy
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
With apologies to William Shakespeare, to bond or not to bond, that is the question Utah lawmakers are wrestling with.
images/1000px_Logos/Bernick_Schott_Cover_01_Small.pngBernick and Schott on politics podcast: Feet and computers do not mix
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
Managing Editor Bryan Schott and Contributing Editor Bob Bernick run through the news from a busy few days in Utah politics.
images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_02.jpgWill lawmakers or the governor call next week's special session?
By Bob Bernick, Contributing Editor
While no final decision has been made yet, it appears that next week's special legislative session will be called by legislative leaders, not Gov. Gary Herbert.
images/1000px_Screenshots/20200810_Owens_Fox.jpgGOP congressional candidate Burgess Owens says he sees the 'handprint of the radical left' on the decision to cancel college football
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
4th District Republican congressional candidate Burgess Owens is blaming Democrats for the cancellation of the college football season this fall, saying they are more concerned about "keeping chaos in the picture" than letting America return to a sense of normalcy.
images/1000px_Mugs/McAdams_Owens_01.jpgGOP super PAC makes massive ad buy in McAdams/Owens race
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
Fresh on the heels of Democrat Ben McAdams launching his campaign television advertising campaign ahead of the November election, a Republican super PAC is about to pump massive amounts of cash into the district.
images/1000px_Capitol_Photos/Utah_Capitol_04.jpgLawmakers may tackle a controversial school funding issue in next week's special session
By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor
Nearly two dozen bills could make the cut for inclusion on next week's special session agenda. That may seem like a lot, but the initial list of items under consideration is more than twice that number according to a list of potential bills shared with UtahPolicy.com.

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Deseret News

Salt Lake Tribune


Dire warning

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said if Americans don't follow the recommendations for slowing the spread of the coronavirus, the country will face the worst fall in U.S. history [CNN].

Harris joins the Democratic ticket

Newly tapped Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris launched a blistering attack against President Donald Trump during her first appearance as Joe Biden's running mate [CNN].

Biden's campaign raised a whopping $26 million in the first 24 hours after he named Harris as his running mate [CNN].

President Donald Trump called Harris "extraordinarily nasty," one of his favorite insults for women [WaPo].

Stimulus stalemate

President Trump and congressional Democrats remain at an impasse over a new coronavirus financial aid package [Reuters].

Dog whistle?

President Trump tweeted Wednesday that he would protect "suburban housewives" from an imaginary "invasion" of poor people led by Sen. Cory Booker [Twitter].

He can't do that, can he?

President Trump's advisers are studying whether he has the power to cut taxes without legislation from Congress [NYT].


Virologists at the University of Florida have isolated live coronavirus samples from airborne particles collected 16 feet from patients hospitalized with Covid-19. The discovery confirms the virus is spread through the air [NYT].

A University of Texas study says thousands of early Covid-19 cases in Seattle and Wuhan may have gone undetected [Houston Chronicle].

Woodward's new book

Bob Woodward obtained 25 personal letters between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for his new book about the Trump administration. The new book will be called "Rage" and will be released next month [Guardian].

About Kanye's presidential run

Musician Kanye West reportedly speaks with White House adviser Jared Kushner regularly since he launched his quixotic bid for the presidency. The two recently met in person in Colorado [Forbes].

Not paying attention

President Trump reportedly has eliminated nearly all intelligence briefings from his schedule. The president has not received an intelligence briefing since July 1 [HuffPo].

Football fallout

Will President Trump get the blame for college football being canceled? [NYT].

President Trump's supporters are blaming the political left for no football this fall [Politico].


Policy News

Utah recognized as a leading state in new national report on data and evidence in policymaking
At a virtual event co-hosted by the National Governors Association, Results for America highlighted Utah's exemplary use of evidence and data to improve results for Utahn's. 
Former Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski and Chris Redgrave launch Global Leaders Scholarship Fund with Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy
As a legacy program of the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference,  local nonprofit Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy, in partnership with former Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski and UN Conference Finance Committee Chair Chris Redgrave, are launching the Global Leaders Scholarship Fund that aims to engage Utah youth, ages 18-32, with opportunities to work on global issues with people from the world. The Global Leaders Scholarship Fund will give students studying at Utah colleges and universities the opportunity to travel and attend global conferences and events. 
images/1000px_Logos/SL_Chamber_Logo_1000.jpgEducation forum: Back to school primer for employers
Please join the Salt Lake Chamber for the opportunity to learn from our state education leaders about what you and your organization need to know about how school will look this year and what school demands will look like for your employees.

More National Headlines


1792 - King Louis XVI of France is formally arrested by the National Tribunal and declared an enemy of the people.

1889 - William Gray is granted a patent for the coin-operated telephone.

1918 - Women were allowed to join the U.S. Marine Corps for the first time. Sgt. Opha May Johnson becomes the first woman to enlist.

1961 - East Germany closed the Brandenburg Gate as construction of the Berlin Wall begins.

Wise Words

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"Never give up. Never give in. Never become hostile... Hate is too big a burden to bear." John Lewis

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"Wow, that is beyond a softball interview. That's how you interview your new puppy: 'And who's a good boy? Is it you? It's you, isn't it? You're a good boy!'" - SETH MEYERS, on Trump's interview with Lou Dobbs

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