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Situational awareness - Aug. 3, 2018

Good Friday morning from Utah's capital. Another week nearly gone!

Pres. Trump dominates every news cycle every day. Would anyone like to watch a newscast or read a newspaper and not read one word about Trump? Fat chance.



Trump and mainstream Republicans. Why don't mainstream Republicans turn totally against Trump? Publisher LaVarr Webb explains why. Hint: Trump is crazy, but the Democratic alternatives would be worse (Utah Policy).

Redistricting and Democrats. If voters pass the ballot proposal setting up an independent redistricting commission, Contributing Editor Bob Bernick theorizes that a safe Democratic congressional district could be created with liberal-leaning Salt Lake City as its base. (Utah Policy).

Apple is worth $1 trillion. That milestone reflects the rise of the powerful megacompanies (New York Times).




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Today At Utah Policy

Could redistricting commission create a safe Democratic congressional district?

On this November's ballot will be a citizen initiative proposal that, if passed by voters, will set up a bipartisan, independent citizen commission that will redraw U.S. House and state legislative districts following the 2020 Census.Earlier this week I wrote a story about a...
There's more nuance to Trump than liberals are willing to admit

One thing partisan Democrats and arch-liberals can't understand is why many mainstream, traditional Republicans don't turn against Pres. Trump. They understand why right-wing conservatives support Trump. But it is a mystery to them why some reasonable, even moderate, Republi...
That man has never bought groceries in his life - Bernick and Schott on politics Ep. 383

State officials are worried they won't be able to implement the medical marijuana ballot initiative if it's approved by voters. They also say it could end up costing Utah taxpayers....
From wildfires to winter inversion, USTAR-supported projects look to better understand Utah's air quality issues

With Utah's-and the rest of the western United States'-wildfire season in full swing and winter inversions lurking beyond, several Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative (USTAR) supported projects are aiming to better understand and monitor air pollutants such as wi...
California city will use cumulative voting in local elections

Voters in Mission Viejo, California will cast ballots using a "cumulative" voting system in their local elections, allowing them to cast multiple ballots for a single candidate if they choose....
Podcast: Bernick and Schott on politics Ep. 383

 Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott reconnoiter the big stories this week in Utah politics....
Utah agriculture officials say medical cannabis initiative may impossible to administer, eventually could cost Utah taxpayers big

State agriculture officials are worried they won't be able to meet deadlines mandated by the medical marijuana ballot initiative, which they say will lead to unregulated cannabis cultivation by the public....
Digging into Utah's 2016 electoral map

We all know that Salt Lake City the state capital and its largest city is Democratic....
Utahns very confident about job availability as expectations about the economy improve

The Zions Bank Utah Consumer Attitude Index (CAI) increased 1.7 points to 113.6 in July. In comparison, the national Consumer Confidence Index increased 0.3 points to 127.4 this month....

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Policy News

Salt Lake Chamber CEO Success Stories: Governor Gary Herbert
The Salt Lake Chamber has created a new podcast called "CEO Success Stories." In every episode Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber and Downtown Alliance, sits down with a top CEO from across the state to hear from them their leadership philosophy, b...
How the Utah Legislature fine-tuned its 2018 income tax changes
The past 12 months have been a wild ride for income taxes. Utah's last major income tax reform took place back in 2008. Since then the income tax has seen relatively few changes. However, that changed at the end of 2017 when Congress passed a bill modifying the federal incom...
Salt Lake Chamber President's Message: Engaging Professionals for Good
As communities grow and evolve, so must the organizations that serve it. Part of the Salt Lake Chamber's mission is "championing community prosperity" and while the Chamber cannot be all things to all people, we believe that learning to adapt and evolve with our local commun...
Casual Friday: Weekend Events & Outdoors Report
Weekend EventsOutdoors Report--Tribune: Keep an eye (and ear) out for coughing sheep in Zion National Park--KSL:Fishing slams for anglers in UtahNew Films-- Christopher Robin: KSL reviewConcerts-- 3hattrio Performs American Desert Music: Gloriously Beautiful, Savagely Strang...
Shopping for solar? New state website provides one stop online consumer resource
Francine A. Giani, Executive Director of the Utah Department of Commerce announced that the Utah Division of Public Utilities and Office of Consumer Services have created a new state website for electricity customers using or considering solar resources....

Local Headlines

Deseret News

Jay Evensen: Americans want big families, so why don't they have them?

Editorial: Sports gambling is a game changer. What happens now?

EPA report: The air we breathe is getting cleaner

S.L. County health board endorses Medicaid expansion, holds off on any medical marijuana position

Group sues Pleasant Grove, claiming 'underhanded' road utility fee is illegal

Why do Utah students opt out of state testing? Proposed state audit to seek answers

Jenny Wilson calls on Mitt Romney to 'come out of hiding' during speech on immigration

Russia, China out to prove democracy will fail, Rep. Chris Stewart says

Sexually transmitted diseases top list of most common infections in Salt Lake County

Borked? Hatch throws colorful terms at Democrats opposed to Supreme Court nominee

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: SLC road bond: Before taxpayers start bailing, city should stop failing

New radar technology that triggers traffic lights for bicyclists looks to end frustrations for Salt Lake City bikers

Sen. Orrin Hatch decries 'dumbass' partisanship over Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court

Trump is really tough on Putin, despite their recent meeting, says Utah Rep. Chris Stewart

Lawsuit says new Pleasant Grove utility fee is an unconstitutional way to avoid appearance of raising taxes and 'piss off the public'


Logan congressional candidate second to Bishop in contributions (Logan Herald Journal)

National Headlines

Good news for the GOP: Hispanics are boosing Trump (Washington Times)

DeVos Seeks To Rewrite The Rules On Higher Ed (NPR)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won in New York. Now her allies are taking on the Midwest. (CNN)

New York man arrested for threatening Scalise (Politico)

Trump calls for food stamp work requirements in farm bill (The Hill)

Judge dismisses lawsuits against Fox News for Seth Rich story (Politico)

Steve Bannon: Rod Rosenstein is 'clearly obstructing justice' (Washington Examiner)

New York Times stands by new tech writer Sarah Jeong after racist tweets surface (FOX News)

Sarah Sanders lashes out at media abuse in fiery clash with CNN's Acosta (FOX News)

Trump administration to freeze fuel-efficiency requirements in move likely to spur legal battle with states (Washington Post)

What Will Cause the Next Recession? A Look at the 3 Most Likely Possibilities (New York Times)

Wise Words


"The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance." Benjamin Franklin

Lighter Side


"President Trump suggested today that Russia will meddle in the upcoming midterm elections in favor of the Democrats because, quote, "They definitely don't want Trump." Then again, neither did we." Seth Meyers

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