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Situational Analysis - September 23, 2020

Happy Wednesday morning. The good news: We're one day closer to the end of the pandemic. The bad news: We're one day closer to the next catastrophe . . . whatever it is.


1 day to the 1st Congressional District debate (9/24/2020)
6 days to the Utah gubernatorial debate (9/29/2020)
6 days to the first presidential debate (9/29/2020)
14 days to the vice presidential debate at the University of Utah (10/07/2020)
19 days to the 4th Congressional District debate (10/12/2020)
20 days to the day mail-in ballots can begin to be sent out (10/13/2020)
22 days to the 3rd Congressional District debate (10/15/2020)
22 days to the second presidential debate (10/15/2020)
26 days to the 2nd Congressional District debate (10/19/2020)
28 days to the Utah Attorney General debate (10/21/2020)
29 days to the third presidential debate (10/22/2020)
41 days to the 2020 election (11/3/2020)
118 days to inauguration day (01/20/2021)
124 days to the start of the 2021 Utah Legislature (1/25/2021)

Today At Utah Policy

Analysis: Only two Senate seats at risk of flipping this election year
By Staff
Unlike Utah House legislative races this year, where half a dozen seats could change hands between the majority Republicans and minority Democrats, in the state Senate there are really only two races that could flip this year -- one going from Republican to Democrat, the other Democratic to Republican.
American Family Survey is valuable contribution to strengthening families
By LaVarr Webb
For those who believe, as I do, that strong families are fundamental to an orderly society and to the success of America, the latest American Family Survey is an important snapshot of family life in our country. Designed and commissioned by the Deseret News and the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University, the survey is annually one of the most in-depth studies of American families. It provides plenty of data for social scientists and policymakers to consider as they seek ways to strengthen families.
images/mugs-300/LaVarr_Webb.jpgWebb's Wrap: Exercising raw political power . . . The Biden list . . . Praise for Herbert's pandemic response . . . Supreme Court battle by the numbers
By LaVarr Webb
The Democrats are right. Confirming a new Supreme Court justice before the election will be an exercise in raw political power by the Senate Republican majority. It will be inconsistent with their refusal to act on the Merritt Garland nomination by Pres. Obama. But, guess what, welcome to big-league politics. Elections do have consequences. Rest assured that the Democrats would do the same if they were in power.

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Leadership Tip: Vision
Leaders see past the obvious into realms that others cannot. This ability impacts the organization, as well as the people around them, as they can steer momentum down the best path with the most reward. -- John Maxwell https://www.johnmaxwell.com/blog/7-factors-that-influence-influence/ 
images/mugs-300/Mitt_Romney.jpgRomney statement on Supreme Court nomination process
WASHINGTON-U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney Tuesday released the following statement regarding the current Supreme Court vacancy: "My decision regarding a Supreme Court nomination is not the result of a subjective test of 'fairness' which, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. It is based on the immutable fairness of following the law, which in this case is the Constitution and precedent. The historical precedent of election year nominations is that the Senate generally does not confirm an opposing party's nominee but does confirm a nominee of its own.
Romney disappoints United Utah Party
The United Utah Party has issued the following statement:Senator Mitt Romney's announcement that he will support efforts to move forward to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is disappointing, not because it is inappropriate for a Senator to fulfill his constitutional responsibility to vote on a qualified nominee, but rather that he relies on naked partisanship to justify his decision.
Speaker Wilson comments on Utah County health status
Brad Wilson, Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives, issued the following statement:"In the months since we have encouraged Utahns to be diligent in practicing social distancing and wearing a mask in public, it has become evident these small sacrifices in comfort have an outsized, positive impact on our public health. 



(From History.com)

1779 - During the American Revolution, John Paul Jones defeats two British warships off the eastern coast of England. When his ship is damaged, a British captain asks him to surrender, and Jones replies, "I have not yet begun to fight."

1846 - The planet Neptune, the eighth planet from the sun, is discovered by German astronomer Gottfried Galle at the Berlin Observatory.

1875 - Billy the Kid is arrested for the first time for stealing a basket of laundry. He later breaks out of jail and roams the American West, earning a reputation as an outlaw and murderer. Sheriff Pat Garrett catches up with the desperado in New Mexico in 1881 and fatally shoots him.

1908 - A controversial call at second base gives the Chicago Cubs the National League pennant against the New York Giants. The call has been disputed ever since. See complicated details HERE.

1944 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt defends his small dog, Fala, in a speech. See details HERE.

1949 - In a low-key and carefully-worded statement, Pres. Harry Truman informs the American people that the Soviet Union has exploded a nuclear bomb.

Wise Words

Government:  "Protecting the rights of even the least individual among us is basically the only excuse the government has for even existing." Ronald Reagan

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Politics and Football

"Being in politics is like being a football coach. You have to be smart enough to understand the game and dumb enough to think it's important."  Senator Eugene McCarthy  Bestlife 

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