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Situational Awareness - Friday, September 4, 2020

Good Friday morning. Please enjoy a long weekend away from politics. You deserve a break.

We'll take Monday off to celebrate the last holiday of summer. See you in your email in-box on Tuesday.


20 days to the 1st Congressional District debate (9/24/2020)
24 days to the Utah gubernatorial debate (9/28/2020)
33 days to the Vice Presidential debate at the University of Utah (10/07/2020)
38 days to the 4th Congressional District debate (10/12/2020)
41 days to the 3rd Congressional District debate (10/15/2020)
45 days to the 2nd Congressional District debate (10/19/2020)
47 days to the Utah Attorney General debate (10/21/2020)
60 days to the 2020 election (11/3/2020)
138 days to inauguration day (01/20/2021)
144 days to the start of the 2021 Utah Legislature (1/25/2021)

Today At Utah Policy

images/mugs-300/LaVarr_Webb.jpgWebb's Wrap: Fast Friday - Cox as pandemic czar . . . Why is Trump not losing badly? . . . hits & misses . . . parting shot
By LaVarr Webb
In hindsight, and speaking politically, it was probably a mistake for Gov. Herbert to appoint Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox to lead the state's COVID-19 pandemic response team. While it wasn't obvious at first, Cox ended up in a no-win situation. He was bound to be criticized no matter what he did.If he was highly visible at briefings and news conferences he would be accused of using the pandemic to further his political ambitions. If he dropped out of sight, especially if things weren't going well, he would be accused of doing a poor job and trying to hide his involvement.
images/profiles/Handy.jpgPolicymaker Profile: Getting to Know Stephen G. Handy
By Staff
As a policymaker serving in the Utah House for more than a decade, Rep. Stephen G. Handy (R-Layton) says he finds his greatest satisfaction when helping constituents solve their problems. A resident of Layton for the past 42 years, he serves District 16, parts of Layton, Clearfield, and Hill Air Force Base.
images/articles/cattle-dog.jpgChange of Pace: Ranching, farming, and the roots of American civilization
By Golden Webb
(A continuing series designed to give UtahPolicy.com readers a respite from the craziness of today's political scene.)

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Meet the gubernatorial candidates
The Salt Lake Chamber invites you to join us for the Meet the Candidates Virtual Forum with Utah's gubernatorial candidates Spencer Cox and Chris Peterson. The discussion on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., will focus on the long-term economic vision and strategies for the state, business policy priorities, as well as the immediate economic recovery from COVID-19.Register HERE.
images/mugs-300/Derek_Miller.jpgUtahns deserve a panorama on pandemic data
Salt Lake Chamber President & CEO Derek Miller says data about the COVID-19 pandemic should include more than case counts and fatality rates. Mental and behavioral health data, and economic data should also be included to provide a balanced and accurate perspective. In a Salt Lake Tribune opinion essay, he wrote: On the economic side, we must realize the effects of the pandemic are damaging not just to businesses but also to individuals and families. When we talk about the economy, we are talking about a system that supports livelihoods and lives.
images/Logos/Downtown_Alliance_Logo.jpgDowntown Alliance lauds Salt Lake City's shift to yellow
Effective Friday, Sept. 4, Salt Lake City will shift to the yellow restriction phase of the State's COVID-19 health guidelines. "We commend Mayor Mendenhall and her administration's efforts in taking this important step to shift restrictions," said Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Downtown Alliance and Salt Lake Chamber. "The Mayor's data-informed decision making allows Salt Lake City to balance the financial health of its businesses while maintaining the wellbeing of its citizens."
Maliheh Free Clinic announces new executive director during pandemic
After an extensive national search, the Maliheh Free Clinic's Board of Directors is delighted to announce Mary Ann Lucero as the new Executive Director. Lucero has strong roots in Utah and recently moved back to the Salt Lake area after serving as the CEO of the Emergency Food Bank of Stockton and San Joaquin County in California. Prior to moving to California, she served for a number of years as the Statewide Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Utah.
Casual Friday: Weekend Events & Outdoors Report 9-4-20
 Outdoors Report -- Salt Lake Tribune: Greg Sheehan knows he is going to make people mad over Utah's public lands  -- Salt Lake Tribune: East Canyon State Park given international 'dark sky' recognition -- KSL.com: Utah is now national headquarters for public lands recreation planning -- KSL.com: Salt Lake City wants residents to 'reimagine nature' as it plans for future of parks, trails -- KSL.com: Review: 5 swim products for families
CYBER24 Episode 97: If you aren't using two-factor authentication, you're asking for trouble
The more deeply we dive into cybersecurity as an issue for you and your organization, the clearer it becomes that problems stem from a lackluster commitment to the basics. In this episode of the CBYER24 podcast, presented by VLCM, we look at two-factor authentication and how it can frustrate efforts to hack your data.Panelists: Anthony Booyse, SophosHere's the link the podcast, or listen below. 



(From History.com)

476 - The Western Roman Empire falls when Odoacer, a German barbarian, deposes Romulus Agustus, last Western Roman emperor. Odoacer was a mercenary leader in the Roman imperial army when he mutinies against the young emperor.

1886 - Apache leader Geronimo surrenders to U.S. government troops after 30 years of battling to protect his tribe's homeland. Geronimo was the last Native American warrior to formally give in to U.S. forces, signaling an end of the Indian wars in the southwest.

1957 - Arkansas National Guard troops, under orders from Gov. Orval Faubus, block "Little Rock Nine" from entering a segregated high school in Little Rock. The nine frightened African American students fled shortly after arriving at the school. Faubus violated a federal order to integrate the school. On Sept. 24, Pres. Dwight Eisenhower sent 1,000 federal troops to Little Rock and the next day the Black students entered the school under heavily armed guard.

Wise Words

Simple Things:  "All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope." Winston Churchill

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Jazz Name

"It is a common misconception that the Utah Jazz got their name from startig in New Orleans...When in acutallity they got their name when Brigham Young and Joseph Smith met in the high school jazz band."  UpJoke 

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