Wanna know why a billboard company has stepped into the Salt Lake City Mayoral race? It's easy - because it's a sure-fire way to get the attention of voters. Heaven knows they sure aren't paying attention to the umpteen debates the five candidates have had so far in this race. 

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Good Thursday morning from Salt Lake City.  Who is watching the SLC mayoral primary debates? Trump continues his surge in the national polls. Hatch is raising tons of campaign cash.

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Last week it was revealed the state spent $1.2 million defending its constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Our "Political Insiders" are split on whether that money was well spent.
Last week Utah lawmakers said they may have to wait until next January's legislative session to do something about Medicaid expansion. That's not too surprising to our "Political...


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Hatch Scolds Cruz over Charge that McConnell Lied

  • By Golden Webb

In a Washington Times op-ed, Orrin Hatch criticizes Ted Cruz (without identifying him by name) for bringing "personal attacks," "partisan messaging," and "ideological grandstanding" to the Senate...

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Chief trade negotiators are currently meeting in Hawaii to hash out what could be the final details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a twelve nation trade pact between the U.S. and Asia that...
During the past year, a series of terminations and changes at the Utah State Office of Education may cause some readers to wonder what is happening. I do not intend to explain. I am not sure I could.


Our latest survey shows the Salt Lake City Mayoral contest is a dead heat between Ralph Becker and Jackie Biskupski, but nearly 40% of voters are still undecided.
A billboard company gets involved in the Salt Lake City mayoral contest. The Medicaid expansion debate hits home for Utah lawmakers. And, Utah GOP Chairman James Evans may not get a serious...


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"Presidential hopeful Rick Perry yesterday accused Donald Trump of “demagoguery,” and said that he must be “excised and discarded.” So one thing is clear: somebody got Rick Perry a word-of-the-day calendar."  Seth Myers Political Humor

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"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally."  David Frost  Brainy Quote