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Situational awareness - April 23, 2018

Good Monday morning from Salt Lake City. 

Romney stumbles. GOP squabbles grab the spotlight. Trump's team worried Cohen might flip.

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The National People's Congress of China recently approved a plan to eliminate the constitutionally set term limits on President Xi Jinping, allowing him to lead the country beyond 2023. Freedom is...
The Utah State Legislature passed some significant measures this year that will have a long-term impact on our economic prosperity. I had the opportunity to chat with Sen. Stuart Adams about some of...

Policy News

Today At Utah Policy

2018 Utah candidate tracker - Congress

  • By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor

There's a U.S. Senate seat up for election in 2018 as well as all four U.S. House seats. Here's the list of candidates ahead of the Republican and Democratic state conventions.

2018 Utah candidate tracker - Utah Senate

  • By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor

2018 means another election cycle is upon us. Half of the Utah Senate seats are up for election this year. Here's the list of candidates are either headed to a primary or secured a spot in the...

2018 Utah candidate tracker - Utah House

  • By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor

All 75 Utah House seats are up for election this year. Here's our running list of who has clinched the nomination, and who is in a primary election.

Republican party brawl takes over Utah GOP convention

  • By Bob Bernick, Contributing Editor

After more than three hours of sometimes frustrating debate – with “yeahs” and “boos” shouted from the delegates and onlookers joining in – a majority of the 3,600 or so state Republican delegates...

Insider Surveys

The proposal to legalize medical marijuana in Utah looks like a lock to make November's ballot. Recently the LDS Church signaled their opposition to the proposal. Our "Political Insiders" are not...
Mitt Romney has already qualified for the GOP primary ballot through signature gatherers. Will Republican delegates force him into a primary election at Saturday's convention?


Rob Anderson took over as chairman of the Utah GOP for nearly a year ago.
Bryan Schott and Bob Bernick trudge through the week in Utah politics.

Lighter Side

"Negotiations to buy the company that makes Adderall ended . . . without a deal. Meanwhile, talks to buy the maker of Cialis lasted over four hours so they had to call a doctor." Conan O'Brien

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"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments." Alexander Hamilton