About a third of Utahns say they plan to stay inside the Beehive State for their summer vacations this year.

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Good Monday morning from Salt Lake City. It's "National Waffle Iron Day," so let's make some waffles to celebrate! Republicans are divided over how to react to the Supreme Court ruling on marriage. One lawmaker wants Utah to stop issuing marriage licenses. The Utah GOP is still finding some...

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We asked our "Political Insiders" panel to weigh in on the ouster of Police Chief Chris Burbank and how that will play in the Salt Lake City Mayoral race.
The Prison Relocation Commission is currently considering four locations for a new Utah State Prison. Our "Political Insiders" and readers are split on where they think the new facility...


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Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Instead of the prison, let’s move the refineries

Editorial: University deals must be open to the public

If Utah voters approve tax hike, UTA eyes expanding bus, airport service

West Jordan invites ousted city attorney back to work

Feds to handle expanding probe into Miller-McAdams claims

‘Mormon Rivals’ — Why the Nixon White House asked Jon Huntsman Sr. about his LDS tithing

‘Mormon Rivals’ — How Mitt Romney’s experience on Sept. 11 changed the Olympic Games

‘Mormon Rivals’ — Romneys and Huntsmans: Political dynasties in the making?

A year after Utah OKs therapeutic hemp oil, parents say it’s ‘single most effective’ treatment for kids with epilepsy

Mormon, Catholic churches stand firm against same-sex marriage

Debate about science standards pits faithful Mormon against faithful Mormon

Tarbet provided a steady hand during tumultuous times in Utah A.G.’s office

Utah lawmaker: Does logic behind gay-marriage ruling open door to ‘polygamy, bestiality’?

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Charleston shooting has sparked national discussion on racism

Orrin Hatch: TPA trade agreement counts as bipartisan victory for political parties, American people

Drew Clark: How federalism can help solve the debate over Internet taxes

Editorial: As July holidays approach, Utah still needs improvement in DUI prevention, enforcement

Experts: Decision raises religious freedom questions, but Utah law appears sound

Election law changes spark friction at GOP meeting

Mill Creek restoration project to offer new look, improved native fish habitat

Support for law requiring sales tax for online purchases growing in Utah


Education office wants more money to track finances (Standard-Examiner)

Growing Pains: Meeting transportation needs requires advance planning, public input (Logan Herald Journal)

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article thumbnailConservatives say the Supreme Court's rejection Monday of an EPA air quality regulation validates their accusations of executive overreach. 
article thumbnailFinancial journalist Felix Salmon says the government should punish the "bigotry" of churches that reject gay marriage by stripping their tax-exempt status. 
No Democratic presidential or vice-presidential candidate has ever hailed from the western United States.
Utah's economy is still booming. A new analysis says it's the 7th fastest-growing in the country.
About a third of Utahns say they plan to stay inside the Beehive State for their summer vacations this year.
The progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria decided Justice Antonin Scalia's dissenting opinions in the Affordable Care Act and same-sex marriage cases were so lyrical that they deserved to be put...

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In a few days we celebrate Independence Day – our country’s 239th birthday. As we contemplate our nation’s founding, it’s worth stepping back and thinking a bit about some of the basics of...
It’s vitally important for people holding positions in public policy to stay informed and be up-to-date on current events. 


We recorded our latest episode just hours after the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare for the second time. We break down what that decision means for Utah.
Chris Burbank is out as Salt Lake City's Police Chief. Will that have any impact on the Salt Lake City Mayoral race?


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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced that he’s running for president, which makes him the 13th Republican to enter the race so far. Yeah, 13 Republican candidates — or as that’s also called, “A Banker’s Dozen.”  Jimmy Fallon  Political Humor 

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