Gov. Gary Herbert rolled out his $16.7 billion budget proposal. He wants to boost education spending by a little more than $200 million, but that’s not as much as backers of the Our Schools Now ballot initiative are hoping for.

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Budgets, Alabama, Count My Vote, a tax overhaul and Utah lawmakers are heading toward the exit. Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott chew over the last week in Utah politics [Utah Policy]. Here's a podcast if that's what you prefer [Utah Policy]. Sen. Brian Shiozawa's exit has Republicans and...

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“I only went out for a walk, but decided to stay out till sundown, because going out, I found, was really going in.” -- John Muir
Last week Time Magazine announced its annual Person of the Year, reminding all of us that 1) they still do that and 2) Time Magazine still exists.

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Last week President Donald Trump visited Utah to announce he was slashing millions of acres from two national monuments established by Presidents Obama and Clinton. In response, tribal and...
Even though the Senate passed their version of tax reform on Friday night, our "Political Insiders" are not sure they'll be able to get a bill to President Trump's desk by Christmas.

Today At Utah Policy

SD8 could be a battleground in 2018

  • By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor

Both Republicans and Democrats are scrambling to find candidates to fill the seat in SD8 vacated by Republican Brian Shiozawa, who resigned suddenly this week to take a job with the Trump...

Weekly survey: Hatch's future/Santa's list

  • By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor

Sen. Orrin Hatch is expected to announce his future political plans by the end of the month. What do you think his decision will be? Also, let us know who in Utah politics belongs on Santa's naughty and...


Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott reflect on the last week in Utah politics.
Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott discuss the news from a big week in Utah politics.

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"Ireland will be collecting $15 billion from Apple in a settlement over back taxes. Ireland will receive the money on Friday, and Guinness will have it all by Monday." Conan O'Brien

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"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse."John Stuart Mill