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Trump threatens 'Animal Assad,' Putin over alleged chemical attack in Syria (CBS News)

Kevin Williamson firing shows the ‘nonpartisan’ media’s true colors (New York Post)

Americans Face Highest Pump Prices in Years (Wall Street Journal)

Facebook suspends another data analytics firm after CNBC discovers it was using tactics like Cambridge Analytica (CNBC)

‘Unsafe to the community’: Facebook takes on pro-Trump Diamond and Silk (American Mirror)

New Jersey Governor Signs 'Name And Shame' Order On Gun Data (NPR)

Trump denies John Kelly's influence is diminished (CNN)

Farmers who propelled Trump to presidency fear becoming pawns in trade war (Washington Post)

Bill Maher doesn't like Laura Ingraham. He hates the boycott of her show even more. (Washington Post)

Stock market cooling off from the 'Trump bump' (The Hill)

Mark Zuckerberg's Washington Mission: Stay Cool in a Very Hot Seat (Wall Street Journal)