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Trump declares US leaving ‘horrible’ Iran nuclear accord (Associated Press)

Israel Will 'Eliminate' Assad if He Continues to Let Iran Operate From Syria, Minister Warns (Haaretz)

The Trump Land Mine (National Review)

Billionaire stalls on $500M deal for LA Times, San Diego Union-Tribune (New York Post)

Farrow, the Pulitzer-winning whiz, behind #Metoo cause (AFP)

'No other religion would be made fun of in this way': Christian fury at Met Gala's 'blasphemous' Catholic theme (Daily Mail)

If the Met Gala was Islam or Jewish-themed, all hell would break loose (Daily Mail)

Blankenship suffers beatdown in West Virginia (Politico)

Eric Schneiderman's Reputation: From 'Wouldn't Get a Bawdy Joke' to Brute, Overnight (New York Times)

Haspel to pledge never to restart CIA’s brutal interrogation program (Washington Post)

Drug executives express regret over opioid crisis, one tells Congress his company contributed to the epidemic (Washington Post)