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4th District Congressional Candidate Mia Love pulled in nearly half-a-million dollars over the last three months, leaving her with more than $600,000 in the bank.

Love's campaign reports they had $454,189 in donations from 6353 individual donors and 23 PAC's. 

Those donations were down slightly from the 4th quarter of 2013, when Love posted receipts of just under $500,000. 

Love reported operating expenditures just north of $550,000 in the last quarter, most of that going to fundraising operations and communicating with delegates. 

"We spent this quarter focused more on delegates, caucus meetings and conventions," says campaign manager Dave Hansen. "Last quarter was mostly focused on fundraising."

Hansen admits the fundraising slowed down a bit for Love once Democrat Jim Matheson decided to retire, making the seat less prominent on a national scale.

However, he says they have enough money in the bank to wage a competitive campaign if they are forced into a primary.

"Having enough money is a simple thing that allows you to make decisions based on what you want to do instead of what you can afford to do. It's a whole different game when you can sit down and decide what you need to do to win instead of just what your budget will allow."

Love's Republican challenger, Bob Feuhr reported $56,000 on hand. That includes $17,400 in contributions during the first quarter of this year. He also loaned his campaign nearly $300,000.

Democrat Doug Owens' campaign earlier told Utah Policy they recorded $125,000 in donations, leaving them with $111,000 cash in their war chest.