Salt Lake City Initiates Courtesy Dismissal Program for City Parking Pay Stations

Mayor Jackie Biskupski announced Salt Lake City would begin a one-time courtesy dismissal program aimed at individuals who receive tickets due to errors made at city parking pay stations on or after July 1, 2016.

The dismissal program was first announced during Mayor Biskupski’s budget address on May 3rd. With the adoption of the budget by the Salt Lake City Council, the program will go into effect at the beginning of the city’s fiscal year on July 1. Under the new program, individuals will receive a one-time dismissal of parking tickets for errors such as miss-keys, transposition errors, wrong space number, or dropped digits.

“As the saying goes, “to err is human,” I’m hoping with this program we can add some forgiveness to City Hall,” said Mayor Biskupski on the new program. “I know these types of tickets are frustrating to receive and I am glad we are able to take a small step to make our city a bit more welcoming and friendly.”

Individuals who wish to appeal must do so in person or via email at [email protected]. Individuals will be asked to provide the receipt from the parking pay station or the credit card used for payment. More information can be found at: