Senator Jackson Resigns from the Utah Senate

Senator Al Jackson (R – Highland) resigned from the Utah State Senate on Friday. He presented the following letter to the Senate President Wayne Niederhauser.

Today, I officially resign as a Utah State Senator for Senate District 14.  My family and I have decided it would be best for us to move east where we can be closer to my aging parents, closer to the location of my business in Washington DC, and have the opportunity to be a part of my son, Frank’s, experience as a student athlete at Duke University. Being able to watch him play basketball at Duke University is a dad’s dream, which I will now be able to realize.
I have truly appreciated my time in the Utah Senate. I am fortunate to have worked with so many exceptional people, on projects that will help ensure a strong economy and good, limited government.
Thank you to all who have worked with me during my time as a public servant.  It has truly been an honor.  I have loved representing the conscientious and civically responsible people of Senate District 14.  Thank you for your ideas, feedback and your passion for this state. I also wish to thank my colleagues in the legislature for their variety of opinion, good hearts, insight, and kindness. 
Utah has a bright future and I wish everyone the best. 
Senator Jackson was appointed to the Utah Senate in 2014, replacing outgoing Senator John Valentine. His legislative work included transforming how the state collects gasoline tax, helping to ensure a healthy transportation infrastructure and economy, partisan school board elections, a resolution calling for repeal of the 17th amendment, and child welfare revisions.