Poll: Utahns Want the Senate to Confirm Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court

Merrick GarlandA plurality of Utahns say the U.S. Senate should confirm Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court now instead of waiting until the next president is elected.

A UtahPolicy.com survey asked Utahns to pick their preferred solution to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the high court after his sudden death earlier this year. 
It’s been nearly than 150 days since Scalia’s death and more than 100 days since President Obama named Garland as his nominee to replace Scalia.
41% of Utahns said the Senate should end the blockade of Garland’s nomination now and confirm him. 31% said Hillary Clinton should have the right to pick Scalia’s successor if she wins the election. 11% said the Senate should immediately confirm Garland if Hillary Clinton ends up winning the election to avoid letting her choose Scalia’s replacement.

Obviously, Garland’s nomination would be immediately scuttled if Republican Donald Trump wins the November election.
Garland’s nomination has been on hold since Scalia’s passing. Republicans, who hold the majority in the Senate, have refused to even hold a hearing for Garland, reasoning the next president should be able to pick Scalia’s replacement. 
But, that Republican intransigence began before Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton locked up the nominations for their respective parties. Now that Hillary Clinton is ahead in most November polling and electoral college projections, that seems like a riskier proposition. If Clinton wins in November, she may choose someone more liberal than Garland, who is widely viewed as a moderate. The most recent national poll showed Clinton with a 15-point lead over Trump. 
There is some speculation Republicans may confirm Garland if Clinton wins the election to thwart her from nominating a potentially more liberal replacement for Scalia.
A Salt Lake Tribune poll from May found that a majority of Utahns (58%) want the Senate to hold hearings for Garland’s confirmation rather than wait.
Even Utah Republicans seem willing to wait on confirming Garland, taking the risk that Hillary Clinton would be able to nominate Scalia’s successor if she wins in November.
40% of Utah Republicans say the Senate should not confirm Garland. 22% say the Senate should confirm Garland now while 19% say the Senate should move to confirm him if Clinton wins.
Utah Democrats overwhelmingly want the Senate to act on Garland’s nomination now, with 80% saying there should be a vote to confirm him shortly. 11% want the Senate to wait and let Hillary Clinton pick the nominee if she wins. None of the Democrats we polled wanted the Senate to move to confirm Garland if Clinton wins the election.
A near-majority of Utah independents (49%) want the Senate to confirm Garland now. Another 26% said Clinton should get to pick Scalia’s replacement if she is the winner in November. Only 8% said the Senate should move to confirm Garland if Clinton wins.
Dan Jones & Associates surveyed 614 registered Utah voters from May 8-17, 2016 with a margin of error +/-3.95%