National Headlines 7-11-16

How Trump is changing the Republicans’ 2016 platform (Politico)

Bayh shocker upends battle for Senate control (Politico)

House GOP raises pressure on FBI over Clinton (The Hill)

Obama calls for adding public option to ObamaCare (The Hill)

Nation remains on edge after police shootings, officer deaths (Washington Post)

Protests against police violence continue across U.S. (Associated Press)

Trump: Plan to revamp veterans care will save lives (Associated Press)

Same-Sex Marriage Proposed, Rejected for GOP Platform (NBC News)

House Passes Bill to Boost Airport Security, Reduce Lines (New York Times)

Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings (New York Times)

Jeb Bush: Donald Trump’s supporters will feel ‘betrayed’ (CNN)