Herbert Says Pence Would be Best VP Pick for Trump

Mike PenceGov. Gary Herbert says he would like to see Donald Trump pick Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate.

Herbert, who counts the Indiana Governor as a friend, says Pence’s experience as a governor and a member of Congress would help fill in some areas where Trump is deficient.
“Trump has a lack of experience in governing,” says Herbert. “I applaud his business experience, but business is much different than a government agency. Pence is not only a governor, but he’s been a member of Congress. That would compliment Mr. Trump because he (Pence) has a cache with other elected officials.”
Pence’s name has risen to the top of many lists of Trump’s possible VP picks. Trump campaigned with him in Indiana earlier this week, which political observers said served as a sort of audition for the #2 spot on the GOP ticket.
Herbert says Pence is an advocate of state’s rights and elevating the role of local government, which would be complimentary to Utah’s interests on the national stage.
Herbert also says of Pence that he would bring a consistency that Trump is lacking.
“He has a conservative philosophy that is consistent. One of the knocks on Trump is his lack of consistency.”
Some of the other names that have bubbled to the top of possible running mates for Trump include New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
Herbert says Christie as Trump’s #2 would be appealing to him as well, but Newt Gingrich’s candidacy doesn’t enthuse him.
“Christie is a friend of mine, too. Having a governor on the ticket would certainly be an enhancement,” says Herbert. “However, Newt has a past history. He does bring a lot to the table, but Pence is the best fit.”
Herbert has said he would support Trump if he wins the GOP nomination, but wouldn’t answer directly when asked if Pence is announced as Trump’s #2 whether he would campaign for the Republican ticket. 
“I know it would be a positive step forward,” he said. ” I have my own campaign to run in Utah. I’m going to be out there promoting that states need to have an elevated role. If all states did as well as Utah, the country would be in great shape. We need to stop asking the feds to do more and count on states and local government to handle that workload. Pence understands how important that is.”