‘Political Insiders’ Say Giant Meteor Hitting the Earth is an Attractive Option in 2016

Giant Meteor 2016Our UtahPolicy.com “Political Insider” panel is split between whether they prefer Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or a giant meteor slamming into the Earth this election year.

The Republicans on our panel prefer the apocalyptic option, with 52% saying they would rather have the giant meteor destroying civilization as we know it. 35% pick Donald Trump while just 13% said Hillary Clinton.

Democrats in our group say Clinton is the preferable option. 83% picked the former Secretary of State while 17% chose the meteor option. None of the Democrats on our panel said they prefer Donald Trump.

Our readers were nearly evenly split between the three options. Clinton got 40%, the giant meteor scored 37%, and Trump got 23%.


Selected anonymous comments:

“A moderate sized meteor hitting the two people listed above would be a viable fourth option.”

“None of the above, they’re all catastrophic!”

“I watched the movie “Invaders from Mars” when I was a kid. In the film, the adults were taken over by some strange Martian entity. The children in the movie were terrified. It scared me spitless (Hey, my mouth did dry up, as I recall). I am more anxious now than I was when I saw that movie because of our present political atmosphere. We have been invaded by political extremists and the moderate voices on both sides of the isle, so to speak, have almost been silenced. I think Spock put it best when he said, “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.” Are our political parties morphing into some other form of life altogether? Well, hold on to your backside and away we go!”

“None of the above. In a perfect world, Dick Cheney would take Trump quail hunting, and Pence would take the top spot on the ticket (just joking).”

“I still have trouble digesting anyone supporting Donald Trump. He does have the right-wing crazies on his side, but the Hillary haters baffle me. With all the grief she has been handed by two investigations that were admitted to do nothing more stop her from becoming President, people still believe the lies. Why Would anyone vote for Donald Trump?”

“Voting for a giant meteor hitting the Earth sounds very tempting, but I decided I wanted to live and of the other options left on this ballot Clinton is the better of the two, though not by much.”

“Donald will rebuild the military and negotiate from a place of power like Ronald Reagan did.”

“Trump is not presidential. He is a self-centered fool who may get us all killed if he gets the chance.”

“Seriously looking at a third party candidate for the first time in my life.”

“If the Cubs finally win the World Series, my work on this earth will be finished anyway.”