Rick Perry: Tea Party Needs to Win Elections

Seems like everyone is trying to run away from the Tea Party following the government shutdown. The latest is Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Perry tells ABC’s Jeff Zeleny the Tea Party can’t govern if they can’t win elections. From Mediaite:

“If you can’t win elections, you can’t govern,” Perry said of the tea party. “That we didn’t win in ’08 and ’12—we’re paying a huge price in this country.”

Perry took issue—in a roundabout way—with Senator and fellow Texan Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) recent anti-Obamacare antics, which cost the GOP in their favorability ratings.

“I certainly enjoyed the twenty-one hours of him standing up and pointing out the foibles of Obamacare,” Perry said, referring to Cruz’s faux-filibuster. “It would have been wiser for us to lay the wood to the president for being able to call him out on this, let it become an issue of, ‘Mr. President, you own this.’”