National Headlines 7-26-16

Dem sales job on Hillary Clinton moves into high gear (The Hill)

Sanders supporters stage walkout after Clinton clinches nomination (The Hill)

Dean pokes fun at own ‘Dean Scream’ (Politico)

Clinton friend McAuliffe says Clinton will flip on TPP, then walks it back (Politico)

ISIS warn London, Washington ‘next to be attacked’ (Mirror)

Bill Clinton glosses over the ‘90s (The Hill)

A worry if Hillary Clinton wins: What to do with Bill? (New York Times)

Sanders loyalists bash Clinton nomination, clash with police (Associated Press)

Last Charges Dropped Against Abortion Foes in Making of Planned Parenthood Video (New York Times)

Rep. Alan Grayson, Alleged Wife-Beater, Loses Endorsements (Daily Beast)

In a major cyber-hack, whom do you call? The White House spells it out. (Washington Post)