Mike Lee Has an Unbelievable Campaign Cash Lead Over Misty Snow

Mike Lee 01Sen. Mike Lee has nearly 160-times as much campaign cash as his Democratic challenger Misty Snow.

The most recent FEC filings show Lee has nearly $1 million in his campaign coffers, while Snow has just $6266 in cash available to her campaign. That means Snow would have to raise more than $10,000 per day over the 97 days remaining before the election just to pull even with Lee’s cash total.

During the last fundraising quarter, Lee out-raised Snow by a factor of 70, pulling in $410,040 to Snow’s $5,815.

Lee’s cash haul included $268,540 in individual contributions. He also pulled in another $141,500 from political action committees.

Naturally, Lee vastly outspent Snow in the last quarter as well, expending more than 290 times as much as Snow, $455,495 to $1,567.


In his first successful Senate campaign, Lee raised a total of $1,710,429 and spent $1,650,993. Those numbers again vastly overwhelmed his Democratic opponent, Sam Granato, who raised just $291,522 for the whole race.