Local Headlines 8-8-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: State favors locally-driven compromise for Moab land management

Op-ed: Homeless solutions should put neighborhood safety at top of list

Op-ed: Tax credits have sparked development in Utah

Op-ed: We have a good homeless plan, and the imperative to act on it

Op-ed: Solar energy industry deserves encouragement ‘the Utah way’

Editorial: This time, EPA is sued for doing too little in Utah

Group calls for changes in wake of mail-in ballot dispute

Dem candidate says A.G.’s office undermined rape victim’s case

Third-party candidates Johnson and Weld pitch themselves as antidote to polarization at Utah rally

Air Force has found landing spot for a hotel near Park City

Thirsty Utah county frustrated with latest setback to long-desired dam

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Annual guide to what politicos are really saying

Op-ed: Openly licensed educational resources pose a threat to teachers

Op-ed: We must work together to combat the threat of pornography

Editorial: Pres. Obama and Sen. Lee seek sane federal sentencing reform

Secret moves to lure Facebook data center to West Jordan questioned

Judge declines to dismiss criminal charges against ex-A.G. John Swallow

Utahns are safer, but many don’t feel it, report says

Doug Robinson: ‘It’s not about me,’ Sandy’s mayor says

Who is Gary Johnson? Some frustrated Utah voters looking at Libertarian candidate

Troubled teen treatment brings hundreds of millions to Utah economy


Delegates formally approve Dan Hemmert to replace Utah Sen. Al Jackson (Daily Herald)

Op-ed: Payday loans take advantage of the hard-working poor (Standard-Examiner)

Bill inadvertently cut Cache County road funding (Logan Herald Journal)

Not all bikers against wilderness proposal (Park Record)