The Most Influential Mormons In America

The conservative outlet Newsmax generates a list of the 50 most influential Mormons in America, noting that members of the LDS Church “over index” in many fields like government, education and business that affect millions around the world.

Says Newsmax:

To compile this list, our editors combed through many online sources and consulted with several well-connected and informed Mormons. Still, a list like this is subjective at best, and should be viewed as interesting and informative, rather than definitive. We very likely missed people who should have been on the list, and we welcome your input and correction for future editions. And, while picking only 50 is difficult, coming up with a ranking is even more subjective. We tried to rank them in what we believe is a somewhat logical order, but certainly recognize that many readers (and perhaps people on the list!) may take exception with the ranking.

Also, there are many more members of the U.S. Congress than are listed. They easily could have all been listed. We opted instead, however, to list only those with particular influence, such as committee assignments, caucus leadership, etc.

Finally, it is important to note we opted to not list the most obvious influential Mormon, namely the Church’s beloved president, Thomas S. Monson, who faithful Mormons revere as a living prophet. Monson, like the other “General Authorities” are clearly the most influential Mormons, certainly on the members of the Church. Nonetheless, for purposes of this list, we opted to look outside the Church hierarchy, and focused on leaders who are currently active in their respective secular fields of endeavor.