National Headlines 8-24-16

Clinton on pay-for-play accusations: a lot of smoke and no fire (The Hill)

Brexit leader stumps for Trump: I wouldn’t vote Clinton if she paid me (The Hill)

How Nevada’s Independent Streak Is Helping Trump (Politico)

Team Cruz on Trump’s immigration shift: Told you so (Politico)

Nigel Farage at Trump Rally: Anything Is Possible If Enough Decent People Fight the Establishment (RealClearPolitics)

UPI/CVoter poll: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump remain within 1 percentage point (UPI)

Bernie Sanders launches ‘Our Revolution’ with electoral targets — and a few critics left behind (Washington Post)

U.S. Treasury Steps Up Pressure on EU Over Apple Tax Dispute (Bloomberg)

Trump: Clinton Has Been Bought (CBS News)

Illinois submits Obamacare insurance premium increases to feds (Chicago Tribune)

Celebrities join Native American pipeline protest in Washington, DC (Reuters)