‘Political Insiders’ say Trump Should Release His Tax Returns

Donald Trump 05Our “Political Insiders” think Donald Trump should release his tax returns to the public. They also say those same returns will likely reveal some embarrassing information about the Republican presidential nominee.

57% of the Republicans on our panel, along with 91% of the Democrats and 83% of our readers say Trump should make his tax information public. Additionally, those same groups think the reason Trump has refused to release them is they will reveal something embarrassing.

Recently, Rep. Jason Chaffetz said Trump should “open his kimono” and release his tax returns.

Hillary Clinton is repeatedly attacking Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns, most recently releasing a television ad on the subject.

Trump claims he cannot release his tax information because he is being audited by the IRS.

Some speculate he is hiding the information because it will show he may not be as wealthy as he claims, or that his charitable giving hs much less than what he says it is. Others wonder if they’ll show that he doesn’t pay any taxes at all. However, until the information is made public, it’s anybody’s guess what’s inside.


Selected anonymous comments:

“The only reason he hasn’t released his tax returns is because of the potential for embarrassment if they are released.”

“What is he hiding? I’d bet anything that his donations are probably about zero and he also probably uses every tax loophole that he also pays next to nothing in taxes.”

“Trump isn’t a billionaire, and that’s why he’s afraid of the world finding out.”

“I think his real reason is his very precarious pyramid-type financing of his businesses. I suspect he would have a hard time getting new loans and partners if his actual finances and their entanglements were open to public view.”

“Trump’s failure to release his tax returns is nothing short of political cowardice. He either has returns that will be acceptable to or he does not. If they are likely to be acceptable, there is no reason that this self-centered affront to decency would not have released them and basked in whatever good were to come from it. Because he has not, the only reasonable assumption is that there are embarrassing things included in them. His excuse that he is under an audit is as lame as they come. Nothing about releasing returns that are now simply historical facts would affect the results of the audit. Come on, Donald. Release them and prove to us you are not chicken.”

“Releasing tax returns has become a staple of presidential politics. Presumably, candidates conform to the expectation as a means of “showing” that the candidate isn’t completely out of touch with the average voter. In reality, it’s little more than a show, an opportunity for the candidate and his opponent to ascend the Rameumptom.”

“If there isn’t anything embarrassing why wouldn’t he reveal what is there?”

“What’s the point? Is there honesty in any either of candidates when it comes to money? Can we trust either? No.”

“There will probably be some embarrassing stuff in there, but honestly, it won’t be any worse than the stuff that comes out of his mouth on a daily basis. He is shameless.”

“There is nothing about Donald Trump’s tax returns that will have a direct effect on anything in my daily life. No normal person gives a rats ass about tax returns. Funny, but the same people screaming Trump needs to release his tax returns are the same ones that are perfectly fine with Hillary’s personal server and all of Obama’s sealed college transcripts.”

“They will show he is not worth as much as he says he is and that he is a shady businessman who uses bankruptcy law as a business practice.”

“The tax returns will give the media something to criticize. Paying a lower than average effective tax rate because of smart business tax planning. Whatever his contribution level, it would not be enough. Any tax losses would be a sign of failure, etc.”

“Trump is running his campaign based on his business success, but without much documentation so far. So why doesn’t he release the documents that can indicate whether or not he is succeeding? The longer he goes without doing so, the more suspicious people will get.”

“I don’t think releasing or not releasing the tax returns will make a difference at this point. It is, however, one more piece of evidence that attests to the fact that Trump does not play by the rules, whether explicit or implicit. His rebellious streak is part of what makes him dangerous because there is no principle attached. He is literally a rebel without a clue.”

“He should release his tax returns when Hillary releases her medical records.”

“He’s been caught out in so many lies this election; it’s totally believable that he is also lying about his personal wealth. Liars lie.”

“We should expect a higher level of transparency from anyone who wants to be President of the United States. Hillary Clinton’s continuing email woes show what a lack of transparency can do. Whether or not he has something to hide is a political question. From a transparency perspective, these types of disclosures should be required by law for all candidates for the presidency.”