Pro-Life Group Launches Campaign to Help Mia Love Mitigate Trump Effect

The Susan B. Anthony List undertakes a major effort to help Rep. Mia Love overcome her well-funded Democratic opponent, as well as the possible down-ballot effect of Donald Trump’s unpopularity among many Utahns.

Reports Roll Call:

A leading anti-abortion group is undertaking a major effort to help one of the Republican Party’s rising congressional stars, worried that Donald Trump’s presence on the ticket could depress turnout among a key constituency — “pro-life voters.”

The Susan B. Anthony List, acting through its super PAC Women Speak Out, is preparing a combination of digital ads, phone calls, and in-person voter contacts to support Rep. Mia Love, the Utah congresswoman locked in a tough race against a well-funded Democratic opponent.

The effort will target voters who oppose abortion rights, encouraging them to turn out on Election Day to support the unabashedly anti-abortion Love.

Normally, these voters would be reliable supporters of the congresswoman. But officials with the Susan B. Anthony List say that Trump’s prior support for abortion rights, and misconceptions about where he stands on the issue now, have contributed to a pervasive lack of enthusiasm within the anti-abortion movement — one that could cause collateral damage to down-ballot Republicans running alongside him.

“It could be a season where a lot of voters stay home unless we take the argument directly to them,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, the group’s president. “What they need to know is their lingering concerns about the presidential [contest] shouldn’t affect their vote in the House race.”

The group plans to spend $100,000 on targeted digital ads and phone calls in support of Love, officials said. It also aims to have canvassers knock on 35,000 doors in the first-term lawmaker’s 4th District in Utah by Election Day.