No Utah Cities in List of Top 10 Most Conservative

Jared WhitleyThe most conservative city in America is Mesa while the most liberal is San Francisco.  

That’s the takeaway from an MIT study on city governments with populations of 250,000 and more.  The discussion of Red State culture vs. Blue State culture is unavoidable because that’s how we select presidents, but city-based politics are probably more relevant the rest of the time. (There’s the expression “Pennsylvania is two big cities with the Deep South in between.”)

While there is certainly value to these studies, articles like this are (frankly) annoying click-bait that forces you to go through 20 pages (instead of just one) so the website maximizes pages views from you while minimizing bounce rate. Articles like this are great for advertising but tiresome to slog through.

So I’ll save you the wear and tear on your mouse button.

The top 10 most conservative cities (according to their math) are:

  1. Mesa, AZ

  2. Oklahoma City, OK

  3. Virginia Beach, VA

  4. Colorado Springs, CO

  5. Jacksonville, FL

  6. Arlington, TX

  7. Anaheim, CA

  8. Omaha, NE

  9. Tulsa, OK

  10. Aurora, CO

Interesting to notice that none of the top 10 are from Utah, though that may be because cities like Provo aren’t big enough to hit the 250,000 mark. (Though I should point out that Mesa was founded by Mormons and its culture continues to reflect that.)

Whereas the top 10 most liberal cities are:

  1. San Francisco, CA

  2. Washington, DC

  3. Seattle, WA

  4. Oakland, CA

  5. Boston, MA

  6. Minneapolis, MN

  7. Detroit, MI

  8. New York, NY

  9. Buffalo, NY

  10. Baltimore, MD