Judicial Commission Launches New Website to Better Inform Voters

The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission is launching a new website to better inform Utah voters on the merits of Utah judges throughout the state.

One key feature of judges.utah.gov is the “at a glance” summary on each Utah judge so voters can assess facts quickly.

“We’ve designed each element of this website to provide information on Utah judges in the most user-friendly fashion,” said Jennifer Yim, JPEC executive director. “We’ve found voters want relevant information without requiring massive downloads.”

The site is responsive for any device and provides instant searching options. 

“Our purpose is to get more information to voters so they can even do a quick glance of judges while in the voting booth, if necessary,” said Yim. “Often, voters are unaware of judges unless they’ve heard something in the news. We want them to have full access to make an informed voting decision.”

JPEC’s evaluations, which are summarized at judges.utah.gov, provide summaries on legal ability, judicial temperament, procedural fairness and administrative performance. The site also allows public comment on any judge serving in Utah.

Moreover, voters can review a brief biography on each judge and the commission’s recommendation to retain that judge or not for another term.

“It’s never been easier for Utah voters to access current information on any judge serving throughout the state,” she said.

The site also includes an extensive FAQ section, information to volunteer to become a courtroom observer and articles about judicial evaluations.