Local Headlines 9-14-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Running an open campaign helps overcome ‘false equivalence’ problem

CDC: Utah Zika case remains a mystery

Mia Love releases first attack ad hitting Doug Owens on Legacy Parkway

Utah Sen. Mike Lee tells Trump team to call racism ‘deplorable’

Utah Latino activist charged with rape says he is ‘stunned’ by the allegation

Hatch and Lee move up the most popular senator list

Prez hopeful McMullin visits Utah State Fair for funnel cake and some long-shot campaigning

Utah water management plan goes to task force, but public is left in the dark

Salt Lake County restates distaste for Facebook plan

Attorneys argue over former Utah Attorney General John Swallow’s request for second-chance preliminary hearing

Southern Utah state school board candidates find common ground on testing, home school, federal overreach

Your Utah school’s grade may drop even if its test scores improve

Trump effect? Fewer U.S. Mormons say they’re Republicans, study shows

Deseret News

Ralph Hancock: You want a ‘conversation’?

Richard Davis: ‘Saturday’s Voyeur’ – parody, religious bigotry or electoral stupidity?

Editorial: President Obama and Elder Oaks — similar concerns and similar warnings

Latino activist charged with rape says his ‘story will come out’

‘Elephant in the canyon’: Preservationist says abandoned mines pose risks to environment, health

Poll: Utahns want to know more about presidential candidates’ health

Draper mayor appoints chief of future fire department


Officials meet in Mary Ellen Gulch to discuss Snowbird’s expansion into American Fork Canyon (Daily Herald)