Supporters Launch Utah Mormons for Hillary

Hillary for Utah announced the launch of Utah Mormons for Hillary – a statewide bipartisan coalition of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are supporting Hillary Clinton for the next President of the United States.

The group will spend the final 50 days of the election talking to friends and family about how Clinton will work to break down the barriers families in Utah face and highlight Clinton’s belief that we are stronger together. Members cite Clinton’s values and policies behind their support.

“When my great-grandfather hiked to Utah in 1848, he was an undocumented immigrant, fleeing persecution in the United States to what was then Mexico, seeking religious freedom.  Those pioneers knew what it was like to be ridiculed for their faith and driven from state to state in fear of their lives.  In 2016, the Republican Party’s candidate for President — MY party — is belittling and scapegoating people of other religious and ethnic minorities in the harshest language.  His disdain for them is equaled only by his disdain and crudity toward women. The most enduring pioneer value is charity in its broadest sense, and Utahns looking for those kinds of values should be reading ‘It Takes a Village’ — and  voting for Hillary Clinton.” – David Irvine, retired U.S. Army Brigadier General, former chairman of the Davis County Republican Party and a former Republican member of the Utah House of Representatives

“Helping one another and strengthening families are core Mormon beliefs. I support Hillary Clinton because of her pro-family positions such as parental leave, supporting schools and teachers, making early childhood education accessible to all children, cleaning our air, and paying a living wage.” – Crystal Young-Otterstrom, Chair of LDS Democrats in Utah

“Growing up in a conservative, LDS home I learned the difference between wrong and right; good and bad. Accepting others from different faiths is paramount to my belief as a member of the LDS faith. Growing up I used to get teased and picked on for being ‘a Mormon.’ Nobody should be ridiculed for their religious beliefs in our country.  When I hear Mr. Trump discuss building a wall and excluding people based off of religious bigotry, it concerns me deeply as an American, and a member of the LDS faith.   When I hear Mr. Trump using divisive, racial hate speech it is not only un-American, it goes against the teachings that I was brought up to believe. I am a conservative. I am a member of the LDS faith, and I am voting for Hillary Clinton because I believe she embodies what is good about America.” – Richard Bennett, Community Leader

Founding members of Utah Mormons for Hillary:

Cathi Allen

Elspeth Allen

Megan Allen

Sheryl Allen

Jaffry A. Allred

Silvia Allred

Matthew Anselmo

Michele Ballantyne

Marlo Balmanno

Brian Barrow

Richard Bennett

Gay Lynn Bennion

Eric Biggart

Justin Bills

Joe Blanch

Vicki Blanch

Gary Bowen

S. Robert Bradley

Jennifer Budd

Robert Samuel Burch, Jr

Marilyn Bushman-Carlton

Lynne Carlquist

Blaine L. Carlton

Rick Casady

Tom Christofferson

Tammy Denton Clark

Gina Crezee

Ryan D. Curtis

Jennifer Damarjian

Brigham Daniels

Carter Durham

Leslie Durham

Matt Durham

Linda Durham

Andrea Edwards

Carol Evans

Brian Ferguson

Janis Ferre

Kem & Carolyn Gardner

Kathleen Harmon Gardner

Christian and Marie Gardner

Paul Gibbs

Stephanie Goodman-Chica

Beth Graham

Rick Graham

John and Jeri Gust

Marilee Hansen

Annette Harris

Peter Harrison

Taylor Hartley

Kathy Hawkins

C. Rick Henriksen

Carmen Hernandez

David Irvine

Linda Irvine

JT and Kimberly Martin

Rose Judd-Murray

Carol Kalar

Jim & Donna Kelly

Ellen Kiester

Brian King

Kathy Kirk

Emilie Laudie

Clark Layton

David B. Lee

Mary Lehman

Jill Remington Love

Christine Madsen

Daniel G. Magnum

Ben & Julie McAdams

Kare McManama-Kearin

Marilyn Mecham

Alisa Allred Mercer

Lonnie Mercer

Jason  Miller

Celina Milner

Michelle Mooy

Evan Moss

Ian Murphy

Aaron Nelson

Marni Chandler Nicoli

Marissa Oglesby

Amy Oglesby

Joel Otterstrom

Jaqueline Pack

Sherri Park

Randall Payne

Boyd Jay Petersen

Cecilee Price-Huish

Alysa Revell

Steven Ricks

Kevin  Shafer

Linda  Shelton

Lauren Smallwood Skousen

Diane P. Stewart

Charisse Stewart

Suzanne Gardner Stott

Deidre Straight

Michael D. Struiksma

Sabrena Suite-Magnum

Jeff Swift

Kersten Swinyard

Alisa Van Langeveld

J.J. Van Langeveld

Marie Van Roosendaal

Ellen Stewart Waldron

Cassandra Webster

Kathy Welsh

Kendall Wilcox

Ekitzel Wood

Crystal Young-Otterstrom

Yándary Zavala