Donald Trump, Jr. Meets with Republicans on the Hill

20160921 Donald Trump JrDonald Trump Jr. made a short visit with Utah GOP lawmakers Wednesday as he met with local media types and held a fundraiser for his father’s presidential campaign in a quick trip to the Beehive State.

House GOP caucus members were held late for their afternoon committee meetings, so the younger Trump – who looks nothing like his distinct father – hugged House Speaker Greg Hughes and briefly addressed the caucus.

Trump Sr. is not doing well in very red Utah, although he certainly will win the state Nov. 8.

Hughes, an early, and controversial endorser of Trump told his caucus after Jr. left that this election is “a binary” event: You either vote for Trump or for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who is less respected by Utahns than is Trump.

Said Trump Jr.: “My dad is all about the work ethic, and what he has done (in his private business) resonates with those here.”

Coming to Utah and campaigning across the nation “is a privilege to talk to real Americans.”

Those who “built this great nation have been left behind by the politicians in Washington, D.C.,” said Trump.

The zip codes around the nation’s Capitol reflect those who have gotten rich off the backs of mainstream Americans, he added.

“My father is a disruptor,” said Jr. “He will get things going again, put this country on the right track.”

Utah is known for its good governance, and those on the national level could learn a lot from the folks here, he added.

Jr. is an outdoorsman and has visited Utah often to ski, hunt, and fish.

He came to Utah during the 2016 Legislature to speak to a sportsman group, and was invited up to the Capitol by Hughes, sat next to him at the House podium.

They have since become friends and regularly text each other.

Jr. said as he was walking off the convention floor after addressing the National Republican meeting in Cleveland, “a shadowing figure bounded toward me.”

It was Hughes, at the convention even though state delegates declined to make him a national delegate.

“The Secret Service could have shot him,” said Jr. “I literally saved his life” by quickly recognizing Hughes.

Hughes said later, he wasn’t rushing the nominee’s son, he was coming out of the men’s room just as Jr. was walking by.

But the SS agents did give him a hard look. I mean, look at Hughes, would you want that guy running towards you?