Herbert Appoints Greg Bell to UTA Board

Gov. Gary Herbert has accepted the resignation of H. David Burton as a member of the Utah Transit Authority Board, and has appointed former state senator and former lieutenant governor Greg Bell to replace him. Bell was sworn in on Wednesday during the UTA Board meeting.  

“As you know, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Greg Bell during my service as both governor and lieutenant governor,” said Herbert. “I appoint Greg to this board for many of the same reasons that I selected him as my first lieutenant governor – Greg is a statesman. His interactions with others are always fair and marked by integrity.”

Herbert said Bell “is known to be a collaborative and deliberate problem-solver, a leader who is able to bring together varying ideas and diverse opinions to find the best path for the residents of this great state.”

Bell has served in both legislative and executive leadership, helping him “develop a broad base of knowledge and experience regarding the needs of this state. This same experience has helped him develop the perspective and judgment to make decisions in a manner that earns the public’s trust and confidence,” said Herbert.