2016 Voter Information Now Available

The Utah Elections Office will send 950,000 election postcards to Utah households this week inviting voters to visit vote.utah.gov to view the 2016 Voter Information Pamphlet.

The pamphlet includes information about candidates, proposed constitutional amendments, judicial retention information and how to vote in the upcoming election. It is estimated that more than 132,000 paper copies of the pamphlet will be distributed statewide to voters, libraries, colleges and state facilities over the next month.

“Voting in Utah has never been more convenient or citizen-driven,” said Mark Thomas, Utah Director of Elections. “Vote.utah.gov was created to make information about how to participate in the elections process easily accessible to voters, with the ultimate aim of helping voters discover the mode of participation that works best for them.”

This year, 21 of Utah’s 29 counties will automatically mail a ballot to every registered voter. Other voting options are available on a county-by-county basis. The attached chart details these options.

Utahns can visit vote.utah.gov to register to vote, view the voter information pamphlet, and find information about polling locations, ballot tracking and more.

View the county-by-county chart here.