National Headlines 10-11-16

NYT/CNBC’s John Harwood Advises Clinton Campaign, Gloats About Provoking Trump At Debate (Daily Caller)

Hillary In Leaked Email: Saudi Arabia And Qatar Are Funding ISIS (Daily Caller)

Chelsea flagged ‘serious concerns’ about Clinton Foundation conflicts (Politico)

Inside Ryan’s decision to (almost) dump Trump (Politico)

Court: Consumer bureau’s structure is unconstitutional (The Hill)

Clinton camp appeared to have contacts with DOJ on email case (The Hill)

Trump attacks Paul Ryan and John McCain in escalating GOP civil war (Associated Press)

Trump targets Clinton’s health in new ad (CNN)

WikiLeaks, Clinton campaign in Twitter war over latest leaks (FOX News)

Highlights From the Clinton Campaign Emails: How to Deal With Sanders and Biden (New York Times)

Rising OPEC Oil Output Shows Challenge of Curbing Production (Wall Street Journal)