Swallow Announces Resignation (Update)

As first reported by Utah Policy Thursday morning, Attorney General John Swallow announced his resignation effective December 3, 2013.
Once Swallow vacates office, the search for his replacement will be on. Two names who have been mentioned as possible replacements for Swallow are Sens. John Valentine and Steve Urquhart.

The GOP State Central Committee will forward three possible replacements to Gov. Gary Herbert who will ultimately be responsible for deciding on Swallow’s replacement.


Sources say Swallow was supposed to have been charged in the Lt. Governor’s investigation on Wednesday. 

Had Swallow been charged, a judge could have invalidated the 2012 election where he beat Democrat Dee Smith.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported Wednesday that a report from the Lt. Governor’s office found multiple violations of Utah election law by Swallow.

(Editor’s note: A previous version of this post said Swallow will resign to avoid criminal charges. It appears that information is in error as he is facing civil charges in the Lt. Governor’s investigation.)